Thursday, February 12, 2015

Snow, Mud, & More

 Last week we bundled the kiddos up to play out in the snow.  This was our first chance this winter to play in the snow so even though there was probably only an inch outside we wanted to take advantage of it.
 This lil guy was very excited about it.
 Sissy fell over while trying to walk out the door and had a little trouble getting back up.  I guess she maybe had on one too many layers.
 The boys heading to the backyard to start playing.
 Sissy trying to catch up.
 We figured out real quick that it wasn't the right kind of snow to build a snowman.
 Checking it out for herself.
 Sun in the eyes kind of smile.
 Making a snow angel....but he looks more like a dead fish.
 You can kind of make out a snow angel where he had been laying.
 Bubby and daddy racing to the van and back.
 "I can't put my arms down."
 She sees all the toys at the neighbors house.
 Running with Mommy.
 Sissy headed into the garage to look for toys and Bubby was trying to make a snowball.
 She found the tractor.
 And even though she couldn't get it to move she wanted to stay on the tractor.
 Back outside Bubby and Daddy were having a snowball fight.
 Bubby thought it was the greatest thing in the world....even though he couldn't get his snowball to stay together.
 And Sissy was still content on the tractor....all by herself.
 One of Bubby's favorite things to do is to go to Walmart and look at all the Imaginext toys.  He knows that we can't buy anything until his birthday but he just loves seeing what toys they have and explaining what each toy does.
 Luckily Sissy is content just hanging out in the cart.
 In case you ever wonder what to do when its cold outside and you can't fit your hands in your pockets....just stick them in your hood to keep them warm.
 Bubby made this block house and parking garage for all his Imaginext toys.
 A couple days later it really warmed up so we headed to the park to play.  I knew it would be muddy but the kids needed out of the house so I took the chance anyway.
 Bubby loves writing in the dirt with a stick.
 Can you find my lil girl?  She definitely doesn't mind going off on her own.
 Toppled over in the mud.
 Enjoying the only slide that didn't have water sitting at the bottom of it.
 Muddy boots.
 I'm pretty sure I spent the whole time chasing this lil girl around cuz all she wanted to do was walk in the mud.  We spent about 15 minutes at the park before mommy had enough and we loaded up and went home.
 Our own lil ghost at our house.
No's a cute ghost.
 Love the expressions on their face.
 Bubby painting with a book that his Grandma got him for Valentine's Day.
 Heading down south to go to Mommy's doctor appointment.
 We stopped at the park for a bit and Marley really enjoyed all the ducks and geese.
 So did the kids.  I think the pond is being overtaken.
 I love that while I make supper these two love being in the kitchen with me doing the dishes.
 We finished the night making a tent.
 Bubby was trying to put it up and Sissy was tearing it down.

How about one more video of Sissy reading her favorite book to me.  You can pick out some of the words she is saying like "Help, Truck, Moo, Duck, Beep, Honk."

Video of Sissy reading "Little Blue Truck"

19 Months Old Singing "Let It Go"

Here is the link to a video of Sissy singing "Let It Go" from the movie Frozen.  She has just recently gotten into the movie Frozen and loves singing "Let It Go."  This particular time she also had Oreos all over her face.  Keeping it classy.

Video of Sissy singing "Let It Go"

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Gives Me Strength

 Here I thought January and February would go by slow this year.  Boy was I wrong. 
I've had a lot to do to get ready for the baby and even though I'm 4 weeks away from my due date I am feeling like he could be here at any time.  I finally got the diaper bag packed for the hospital.  Sissy has enjoyed dragging it around and playing with it.
 Random funny face.
 Sissy is still very into tea parties and now likes to set the table.  She will bring out ever play plate and bowl and set it on her table and add a fork or spoon to each.  She is very serious about it and does not like it when I clean up what she has put out.
 She has also enjoyed her time on the potty.  She even pooped in the potty a couple days ago.  We are not potty training but getting her used to the idea of going on a potty and so far she really seems to like it.
 Last week I had a doctor's appointment so we headed down the night before to see Nana and Gampa and go to a basketball game with them.  The kiddos took their nap on the way down.
 Heading to the gym.
 Poor Bubby was not a big fan of the buzzer. 
 Sissy made friends with a baby and ended up taking away all of the baby's toys. Not a good sign for how she's gonna be when the new baby gets here.
 Bubby made friends too.  Actually they were already friends from church and they were enjoying the Ipad while the game was going on.
 Precious picture taken during the National Anthem.

Unfortunately, our evening didn't go like we thought it would.  Nana ended up tripping and falling in the cafeteria area.  She was taken to the hospital and we found out that she broke her wrist.  After seeing an orthopedic doctor this last Monday we then found out that not only was her wrist was actually crushed.  She will be having surgery tomorrow to add a plate and screws to her wrist.  It is not what Nana needed at this time.  It has broken my heart to see her once again going through so much pain.  We are praying for her surgery to go smoothly and for recovering to be quick and with less pain than she is dealing with now.  And God willing we pray that her wrist will be as good as new someday soon.
 With Nana laid up that means we are going to be doing lots of doctor visits with just me and the two kiddos.  Luckily, the kids are usually pretty good for me.
 And seem to enjoy it.
 I still can't believe just how big this guy is getting.
 Random picture of Sissy throwing a lil fit in the bookshelf.
 One of my favorite times of day is in the morning.  The kiddos both sit at their table and eat their breakfast while watching Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood (A spin-off of Mr. Rodgers) and I sit in the recliner drinking my coffee and getting my Bible time in.  It is a wonderful, peaceful, much-enjoyed time.
 With this baby not far off I have gone through lots of stages but currently I am going through a nesting stage.  Here I am downstairs going through old bags of baby clothes around 8 o'clock at night.
 I found a cute lil ghost figure running around there with me.
The other day I was in the playroom with Bubby when I started noticing that Marley was acting weird.
 He was acting really hyper and needy.  Bubby enjoyed this and took that opportunity to play fetch with Marley. 
 But no matter what I did Marley would not get two inches from me.
 We tried to do puzzles and games but Marley kept butting in.
 Here he is standing on the puzzle I was trying to do.  I remember when I went into labor with Bubby Marley got really weird so now I'm wondering if this is a sign that something is to come.
 Sweet Bubby lining up all his ninja turtles.
 My most important task while nesting is to make sure I spend extra time sitting down to play with  my two little ones.  Even when my instinct is to be organizing or cleaning my heart is truly right here on the floor of the playroom with my precious children.
 And apparently Marley too....since he won't let me take my hand off of him.  Silly dog.
 Sissy reassuring Marley that everything is going to be okay.
I'll end this post with a precious smile from Bubby. 
We have a lot going always....but we sure are enjoying life and spending lots of time together.  It won't be long before we go from a family of 4 to a family of 5 and I'm looking forward to the entire journey.  Lord knows my heart is full.  Life may not always be perfect and maybe it has a few unexpected turns, but God didn't say this life would be easy.  He did, however, say that He would never leave us and I know for a fact he has kept that promise.  As we face the trial of mom's surgery and the joy of an upcoming birth of a child....we can rest assured that we will have God with us through it all.  And I must say....I would much rather have a life of trials and ups and downs with God by my side than a life that is a bed of roses and not have God with me.  "I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength."