Thursday, October 31, 2013

Sissy G at 4 Months Old

I melt each time she flashes this toothless grin my way.  I absolutely love it and honestly can't believe that this sweet bundle of joy is already 4 months old.
She is so much fun and such a good baby.  She is perfectly content doing just about anything.  She loves her big play mat and Bubby G enjoys teaching her all the animals that are on it.
We still have not really mastered the art of rolling over.  She did it a couple times on our bed but has never done it on the floor. 
She just seems perfectly content staying on her belly....
And would rather not go rolling around.
Bubby G is trying to talk her into rolling over....but so far she hasn't felt the need to do it.
That's okay.  Bubby loves her anyway. 
You can notice that Sissy G has lost some of her hair on the back of her head.  That's because at night time instead of crying when she wakes up she moves her head back and forth.  Every morning the back of her hair has little knots in it from her rubbing her head all around.  Silly girl.
Sitting in her Bumbo playing with her doggie.  She likes to hear the music that the doggie plays but most of all she likes to eat the doggie.
Waiting for mommy to finish the laundry.  Talk about a perfect little seat.  And...yes....those clothes are clean.
Watching Bubby do his school work.
Bubby is really into snow and snowmen right now.  Every day he asks if it's going to snow so we made a little snowman of our own.
This lil guy loves to draw.  He's really into drawing people right now.
This is a picture he drew of me 100% by himself.  I was really impressed.  The lines at the bottom are my legs.  The lines on the side are my ears.  My eyebrows are at the top of my head and then he drew my hair on top of that.  I thought he did a great job for only being 2 years old.
Sissy thought he did a good job too.
Our big thing right now is that Sissy G is learning to sit up.  She's been sitting up little by little for the last month or so but she has now really gotten the hang of it.
Our big girl sitting up on Bubby's bed.
She does fine sitting up as long as she doesn't try to look straight up. 
And she's so cute because it's like she knows she is a big girl and growing up. 
We have one of those jumpers that you hook to a door frame that I bought at a rummage sale back when Bubby G was a baby.  We don't really have a door frame that it works well with so I tried to hook it to the door that is connected to the garage.
That way she can jump while Bubby G is outside playing.
Like I said, she's happy no matter where she is.
Then we noticed that there were some turnips that needed picking out in the garden.  (To be honest I have no idea if they were ready to be picked, just thought it looked like a fun thing to do)
So Bubby G started picking. 
Sissy G wanted to come too so we hooked her jumper up to the nearby tree.
Again....she's happy no matter where she is.
And our sweet girl is still an amazing sleeper.  Isn't she precious.

Some things that Sissy G loves right now.

Printed fabrics....she would rather stare at a neat design on your shirt than play with toys.
Cuddle.....she absolutely loves to be in your arms rocking or just snuggling. 
Mommy's finger....she is starting to suck her own fingers and occasionally sucks her thumb but her favorite thing is still my finger.
Bubby G.....her favorite person in the whole world is her Bubby.  She lights up anytime he comes around.
Getting changed.....she enjoys getting her diaper changed or getting her clothes changed.  Typical girl.
Singing....She loves to be sang to and she will even join in and sing along.  Usually at church she will stay awake during the song service talking and singing and then fall asleep for the sermon.
Fans.....She can't take her eyes off of a fan if there is one moving in a room.
Home.....Her total demeanor changes as soon as we come home.  She's fine going other places but she is much happier when she is in her own home.

Have I mentioned how in love I am with this lil girl?  She is the perfect addition to our family and makes life so much fun.  But I've had a talk with her.  She's gonna have to slow down on this growing up thing otherwise her Mama is gonna have a melt down.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Sibling Love

All the time Bubby G is wanting to hold Sissy....
And she loves every minute of it.
This one cracks me up.
Watching these two grow up together...
And love on each other....
Is one of the best gifts in the world. 
They are already like best friends.
Such a blessing!!!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Fire Trucks, Birthdays and Dr Appointments

I could never thank my hubby enough for giving me moments like this where I get to spend everyday at home with my kiddos.
I am absolutely crazy about these two.
As far as homeschooling goes we are taking it one day at a time.  Bubby G goes back and forth from being interested in "school" to not being interested, but there are still lots of ways he continues to learn without him even realizing it.  We are reading lots of books together.  His favorites right now are the ones about dinosaurs.
To go along with dinosaurs and the letter D we went outside to dig for some dinosaur bones of our own.
He worked very hard...
And eventually found two dinosaur bones....also known as chicken bones, but he didn't know that.
Taking time to chase a butterfly.  The white blob a few inches to the left of Bubby G's hand is actually the butterfly.  I think he spent at least 10 minutes running around laughing and chasing that silly butterfly.
How bout a quick hello from KitCat?
Sitting down waiting for more butterflies.
Bubby G absolutely loved drinking his milk with his straw.  
Playing in his sensory tub.  We had corn every where that day....and we are still finding corn in odd places through out the house, but he loved it.
Sissy G is really starting to love her jumper.
I think this girl could be happy and content no matter where she is....she just loves to smile.
Getting some exercise.  The days are starting to get cooler.
Helping Mommy make supper. 
Apparently this is a cheese pizza with cheese only in the middle of the pizza.
I evened out the cheese some and then let Bubby G add the pepperoni.  He absolutely loved making the pizza with me.
The next morning Bubby G wanted to paint.
He said he didn't put the paint in his mouth but for some reason I didn't believe him.
Our sweet Sissy G is still a great sleeper.  She also has fallen in love with her Bubby G's Thomas the train blanket.  Good thing Bubby G is good about sharing.....most of the time, that is.
Did I mention its getting colder.
At library time this week the fire department came to teach kids about fire prevention and what to do in case of a fire.
The fire fighter taught the kids that if they ever are caught on fire they need to cover their face and roll.
The fire fighter demonstrating how to roll.
Bubby G was loving it.
So was Sissy.
Then they passed out fire hats to everyone.
Bubby G shared his hat with Sissy.
Not sure how much she appreciated that.
Then we got a big surprise when Daddy walked through the door.
Bubby G seeing Dad for the first time.
Telling Daddy all about it.
Then it was time to go outside and see the fire truck.
I love how he had his hand in his pocket while he stood and listened to the fire fighter talk.
It was kind of cold so Sissy G stayed cuddled up to her daddy.
They had one of their fire fighters get dressed in all of his gear so that the kids could see what he looked like.  Bubby G didn't get scared until the fire fighter talked through his mask.
Then he got scared.  But he got over it pretty quick.
Covering his ears while they sounded the fire truck siren.
A cute picture of my three cuties in front of the firetruck.
I feel very blessed that Bubby G absolutely loves being around his lil sister.
He is already trying to teach her things.  It is so cute to watch.
We also celebrated Mr. G's birthday this last week.  We got to go on just our second date night since Bubby G was born.  We went out to eat together and then went back and watched the Cardinals win the NCLS with family.  It was a great night.
We also made daddy his own birthday cake at home for when Grandma and Papa came to visit.  Bubby G helped put on the sprinkles.
How about three cute smiley pictures of Sissy G....Ready?....Here's 1
 How sweet is this picture?  After daddy got done preaching last Sunday night Bubby G ran up to his daddy and finished the service in his daddy's arms.  Priceless!!
We also took Sissy G to the doctor this week. might ask.
Hmmm.... let me think.
Because this sweet girl turned 4 months old.  In the last two months she gained more than 4 lbs and grew almost 3 inches.  She is 18 lbs 15 oz and 27 inches long.  Off the chart in both height and weight.  Good job Sissy G.  Unfortunately she had to get shots which were not fun to watch.
But she took a nice good long nap when we got home.
Every day is so much fun and I feel so very blessed.  Thank you Lord!!!!