Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Little G's 2 Month Check-up

 Time for a checkup for Little G.  He turned 2 months old on the 19th so I loaded up the kiddos and we headed to the doctor.  I was excited to see how much Little G had grown but not too excited for Little G to get his first set of shots.
 Sitting in the waiting room Little G just chilled out in his car seat while his brother and sister ran around playing with the toys.  Taking the kids by myself to the doctor tends to be a bit stressful but honestly all three kids did good and we were able to get in and get out without any major meltdowns or fits. 
 We stripped Little G down to just his diaper and had him weighed and measured before seeing the doctor.  I was surprised that Little G had grown 4 lbs from his last appointment.  He was now 13 lbs 5 oz and 24 inches long.  The nurse commented on his beautiful blue eyes and chubby cheeks. 
 Sissy G was enjoying climbing up and down the steps to the examining table.
 The doctor came in and said that Little G was perfectly healthy and growing very well.  Then it was time for the shots.
 But the nurse took a while to come in and do the shots so in the meantime Little G conked out...
 Bubby G turned the car seat into his own personal teeter-totter...
 And Sissy G practiced her "This Little Piggy" on her baby brother.  Finally the nurse came in and Little G had three shots in his thigh and then something put in his mouth.  He only cried for about 5 seconds and was better.  I was very thankful for that.
He napped on the way home and was all smiles by the time he woke up.  So thankful for healthy babies.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Picnic Time

 One of the best things about Mr. G's new job is that he gets Saturdays off from work.  We talked about doing several things this last Saturday but ended up choosing to go to a local beach.  We knew the lake wouldn't be open for swimming but we thought we could do a little picnic and then let the kids play on the playground equipment.
Setting up for the picnic with a beautiful view of the lake.
 Little G wasn't about to miss out on the action.  He was taking it all in.
 Sissy trying to share her dessert with Little G....he doesn't seem too thrilled about it.
 Bubby G is a big fan of picnics...especially the smore's poptart that we brought for dessert.
 Poptart face.  Love it.
 I don't know what it is about this lil guy's yawns....but I think they are just adorable.
 He was worn out so we put him in the car seat to chill while the big kids played after lunch.  My cute lil thug with his sideways hat.
Bubby G was all smiles running up and down the playground equipment.
 He was trying to hide from the camera....but it didn't work.
 Didn't work again.  Which I'm glad because he kept flashing these cute smiles my way while he was trying to hide from the camera.
Sissy G was so busy going up and down the stairs that I couldn't get a smile from her unless I started making some goofy noises.  Then she finally flashed that smile my way. 
 Jumping from way up.  Fearless.
 She is fearless too and would've jumped right after Bubby G if we had not stopped her. 
 Laying down for a bit.  Playing can wear a person out.
 How about some fun faces from Little G.  Here is his sleepy face.
 His party face.  "Rock on, dude."
  His still tired face.  (I told you....I can't get enough of his cute yawns)
And his famous stare with those beautiful big blue eyes.
The kids had a blast with the picnic and playtime and so did mom and dad.  These outings together will always be special and hopefully we will always cherish them because life doesn't get much better than this.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Baseball Practice

 Bubby G is still too young to play on an organized baseball team but he is still very interested in learning more about the game.  He's been wanting to practice hitting and catching in the house so we figured it would be fun to take the kids to the park and let them play on a real field.
 It was a beautiful week night to be outside.  Unfortunately, we weren't the only ones who thought so.  All the fields were taken with actual baseball teams practicing so we decided to just play in an open area in the grass.  Sissy was trying to catch up with the boys.
 Getting hydrated before she started practice.
 Bubby was up first.  He had been practicing mostly with a wiffleball bat so using a metal bat was a bit new for him.
 The first time he hit the tee....
 But after some help from dad he started hitting the ball every time.
 Sissy was ready to field any groundballs that came her way.
 Bubby hit the ball and ran to first....aka...the tree.
 Running home for his first inside the park homerun with dad just barely trailing behind.  Amazingly enough, every hit turned into a homerun. 
 Except for this one.  He lost his shoe halfway to first.  Our lil Shoeless Joe Jackson.
Guess whose turn it is???
 She must've been watching Bubby real good because she knew just what to do.
 And she hit the ball on her first try.
 Bubby went back to hitting his homeruns...
 and practicing his throwing.
 Good follow through.
 Sissy took that time to lay down and stare at the clouds.
And then go for a climb on the monument. 
 And hug the flag pole.
 Posing for a picture.
 Sissy got tired of watching Bubby hit homerun after homerun....
 So she took off to the playground equipment.
 Who needs baseball when there is a horse to ride.
Looking forward to many more summer nights like this one.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Nephew Turns 4

 A couple weekends ago we went back up north to celebrate....
this little guy turning four years old.  He has the cutest grin, a fun spirit, and is tougher than most grown men.  He was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes at the age of two and has never skipped a beat.  I love this boy to pieces and we were all excited about getting to go to his birthday party.
Big girl cheesing it up in the backyard.
 My nephew and Bubby were on this swing for a majority of the party.  They loved it and loved being together.
 Bubby about to jump high on the trampoline.
 Sissy thought it was fun just walking around on it.
 Hanging out on mommy's lap taking it all in.
 Getting ready to hit the piñata.  I video taped most of the piñata time hoping there would be an incident that would make us money on America's Funniest Home Videos....but I was sadly disappointed.
 Time to sing happy birthday and cut the cake.
 Happy Birthday to you...
 Trying to get all the kids lined up for a picture with their ninja turtle masks.
 Sissy did really good standing there waiting for the picture.
 My two are on the far right and the birthday boy is in the middle.
 Donatello and Leonardo.
 Sissy didn't want to take her mask off.
 And either did the two boys...even when they got back on their swing.
 Grandma going down the slide. 
 Hanging out at the top of the tree house.
 Sissy checking out all the opened presents.
 Towards the end of the party I got to sit and take some smiley pictures of Little G.
Sportin' his Cardinal gear.
We had a wonderful time at the birthday party.  As you can well imagine, Bubby G is excited and ready for his own birthday to get here.  Just a month in a half and he will be turning 4 too.  Where has the time gone?