Thursday, January 23, 2014

Baby Mum Mum's and More

Trying out her first Baby Mum Mum.  It is basically a rice husk with a slight (and I mean slight) hint of banana that is suppose to almost instantly melt in the mouth.
She knew exactly what to do with it.
The only problem was...when she took her first bite a piece melted and stuck to her lip.
I think she knew that it was there....
But she didn't quite know what to do about it.
Big brother tried to help and eventually...
She took another bite and it got that dangling piece off.
That's much better.
I think the Baby Mum Mum's were a big success.
Looks to me like she loves them...
" you really need to take anymore pictures?"  
Yes I do.  How about one of the two of them.  Can you tell I'm standing next to the tv cuz I can't get either one to stop looking at the tv and to look at me.
A little bit later we worked some more on crawling.
Here's Bubby being an encouragement.  Have I ever said just how amazing of a big brother he is??? He's seriously unbelievable.
Looks like we are just going to scoot back words today.  We will save crawling for another day.
We also brushed our teeth for the first time but I couldn't brush and take pictures at the same time so this is the only picture I got.  But she definitely enjoyed the teeth brushing experience.
Time for a quick bath in the sink....I think Sissy is trying to figure out how to get her hands on that cabbage patch doll she sees in the mirror.
I sure do love this girl.  Can you believe she turned 7 months old yesterday???  She also has a top tooth poking through.  Next thing I know she's gonna be asking for the keys to the car.  Have I ever mentioned that I am seriously praying that they raise the age limit on getting your license.  I'm hoping to get it up to 30.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Having Fun In Our New Apartment

We got the keys to our new apartment yesterday so we took the afternoon to go and check the place out and bring a few things.
Bubby helped Daddy put together our outdoor storage container.
It was pretty cute to watch and I think Bubby really enjoyed helping his Dad...
But not as much as he enjoyed playing in the boxes we had left over.  Gotta love Sissy just chillin' in the background.
Enjoying the soft carpet.  Our house has only laminate so this will be a nice change for her as she starts....
Crawling.  No...she's not crawling yet...but I can see it happening in the near future.
And she's pretty happy about it.
She wanted so badly to crawl to her daddy.  It won't be long.
While the grown ups worked the kids played.  I always have to keep a close eye on Bubby....Sissy can take quite a bit but she usually needs my help to tell Bubby to be more careful.  This was one of those times....after I took a picture, of course.
Bubby finally convinced me to take a break from working and to take a ride in his car....aka...a cardboard box.  This is a picture of us sitting in his car.  Maybe when he's 16 we will get him a bigger cardboard box so he can have a bigger car.  But that's a definite maybe.
We will be painting this weekend and moving in next weekend to our new place.  Getting very excited!!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Taking Pictures in the Snow

Bubby wanted to go out in the snow so I thought why not get Sissy out too for some pictures.  I knew she wouldn't last longer than a couple minutes, but she honestly started crying as soon as we put the heavy coat on her.  I knew at that point that the majority of our pictures were going to be of her crying.
Not Crying....
Almost crying....
The colors were so pretty, though, out in the snow.  But....she is still crying.
Now there is a smile!!
Side-steppin' it.
Statue pose!
He is all smiles in the snow!!
I might be framing a few of these pictures!
I tried to snap a few more of Sissy....
But all she wanted was to go inside and get that coat off.
So I scooped her up after this picture and took her inside to warm up while Bubby stayed out to play some more with Daddy.
I stripped her back down to her pj's and she started sucking my thumb.
It didn't take long before she was asleep.
I wonder if she's dreaming about snow???

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Christmas 2013

This was Sissy G's first Christmas and she was very excited!
Love that smile!!  Our first Christmas stop was at Mr. G's side of the family where we had 3 two year old lil boys and 1 six month old lil girl.  Needless to say, we had a blast.
Here's the boy's table while we ate our delicious meal.
Sissy didn't eat the meal but she enjoyed sucking her thumb while we ate.
The whole gang sitting and playing with Grandma.
The boys enjoyed throwing a football down the hallway....two of the boys would go on one end and....
Papa and another boy would sit at the other end.
There was also a lot of chasing....
Some tackling...
And some hanging upside down.
Mr. G showed everybody how Bubby likes to hang onto his hands and....
Swing around really fast....
Then we watch him try to walk.  It was hilarious.
Sissy enjoying some time with Grandma!!
On the Sunday before Christmas Sissy G got to visit with one of her friends.  This lil girl's mommy was my college roommate and she is only 3 weeks younger than Sissy.
Sissy G putting her arm around her friend.
They were so cute together.
Our next Christmas get together was with my side of the family at my brother's house.  Here are four of the grand kids.
And then we squeezed Sissy in there to get a picture of 5 of the grand kids.  Just wish we had my other brother's family and lil boy there too.
The kids waiting anxiously for Gampa to pass out their presents.
My niece showing off the barbie doll she got.
Bubby was so excited about opening presents. 
Love moments like this.
My other niece showing off her Zoomer robot dog.
Sissy was just chillin' waiting for her turn to open presents.
Bubby showing off the drums that his Nana and Gampa got him.
My nephew and brother enjoying Christmas together.
Sissy finally got to start opening presents and, of course, the paper went straight into her mouth.
A LOT of paper actually.
But luckily one of her gifts was a teething giraffe so we were able to get the paper away from her. 
My nephew showing me his coloring book.
Bubby was excited about this big present.
And it was roller skates.
And believe it or not...he actually did a pretty good job.  I think he only fell a few times.
Nana with her new bag with her initials on it.
After rollerskating Bubby enjoyed some time playing with his new drums.
Nana and her lil superman.
Isn't he adorable?!?!?!
One of Sissy's presents was a big mirror for her to play with.  And she loved it.  She enjoyed looking at it while she was sitting up....
Laying down....
And while she was on her belly.
Her facial expressions were cracking me up.
After presents we enjoyed some good dessert.  Bubby REALLY enjoyed his cupcake....or should I say he enjoyed the icing on the cupcake.
Bubby G loved his drums so much that he brought them into bed with him when we got home.
Sissy wasn't sure what to think about that.
The next morning was Christmas Eve so before we left for Grandma and Papa's house we got cookies ready for Santa.  He started off by putting one tiny lil sprinkle on at a time.
We finally finished sprinkling the cookies and then he picked out some carrots to leave out for the reindeer.
We are now officially ready for Santa.
We then got in the car and headed up for Grandma and Papa's for our Christmas Eve get together.
Bubby checking out Papa's train.  This boy is loving trains right now.
After checking out the train we started right in on opening presents.
Sissy was ready to open presents too.
"Now, how do I get this in my mouth?"
There we go!!!
Daddy and Bubby opening presents together.
My nephew enjoying his superman present.
Bubby leaning in to give Sissy a kiss.  Nothing better than a Christmas kiss.
Sissy opened up her first baby doll.  And boy did she love that baby doll.
Especially chewing on her hand.
Bubby getting ready to open his next present.
And it was some pirate stuff from Jake and the Neverland Pirates.
Cutest pirate EVER!!!
I know this picture looks really sweet but honestly....Sissy is about to devour the baby doll's nose.  The baby doll had no idea what was about to hit her.
Sissy's aunt got her a teapot set for Christmas....
I think that's her "thank you" face.
Bubby got a doctor's kit for Christmas and was giving his Grandma a check-up.
At the same time my nephew was giving Papa a check-up.
Then it was time to give Sissy a check-up but first Bubby had to give her a hug....aka...a headbutt.
Now he's giving her a shot in the head to make it all better.  What a loving brother.
Opening more presents....
This time Bubby got a huge ship from Jake and the Neverland Pirates.  This toy is going to get a lot of playing time!!
Sissy also got her first purse that came with a mirror, keys, phone, and a credit card.  But you can tells she is dying to get that stuff in her mouth.
This is the quilt that her Grandma hand-made for her for Christmas.  And, of course, it too ended up in the mouth.
Bubby playing one of the games he got.
Now that is what I call a "Christmas smile."
The boys checking out the snow globe.
My nephew shining his flashlight and Bubby looking through his telescope.  These two had a blast playing together.
Then it was time for pictures.
I know it's blurry but this picture cracks me up. that one is precious!!
Sure do love these kids.
I love my nephew's smile!
 Our first family Christmas picture as a family of four.  This one is a keeper.
Then we headed to church for the Christmas Eve service.
Look at Bubby down on the end.  I know it looks like he's raising his hand up to God....but actually he's got his other hand out at the bottom and he's about to clap them together like a crocodile.  But I'm sure God enjoys seeing that too.
Clapping their hands during the songs.
By the end sissy conked out in Grandma's arms.

As it was getting closer to go these two were not ready to leave each other.  They even held hands. 
We then headed back to Grandma and Papa's to eat dessert and get our pajama's on.  Then we hit the road for home.  We kept our eyes open for Rudolph's nose but it didn't take long before both kids were asleep.
 Here's a quick shot of the tree and all the presents that "Santa" brought for the kids.  This picture was taken about midnight because that's about the time "Santa" got done with all the presents.  "Santa" should've started wrapping the presents before Christmas Eve night. 
Christmas morning and we have a very excited lil boy.
Walking in to see the tree for the first time.
Noticing that Santa ate his cookies and the reindeer ate their carrots.
This is what Bubby wanted more than anything for Christmas and unfortunately it was broken.  Talk about a disappointment....but he quickly forgot about it and moved on to other presents.  We decided that we were just gonna have to give the North Pole a call and ask them to give us a new one.
Sissy enjoyed her big activity cube....
And so did Bubby.
They spent five minutes at least just playing with Sissy's activity cube.  Then I reminded Bubby about his....
He enjoyed seeing what all Santa stuffed in there.
Sissy didn't have anything in her stocking this year....but I guarantee she will next year.  "Santa" kind of dropped the ball a bit on that....but I don't think she noticed.
Moving on to opening presents.
Sitting watching her Bubby open up his first present.  Still looks a bit sleepy.
Then she sat on Mommy's lap and opened her first present.  It was a vibrating, singing, stuffed pig.
She also got this music cube.
Bubby opening more presents.
Sissy trying to eat her daddy's slipper.
Bubby opening up his new bath toys from the show Octonauts.  I must say that he is constantly asking to take a bath now.  Thanks to this toy he will be the cleanest toddler ever.
Then Bubby opened up his trumpet.....but if you ask Bubby he says it's a trombone.
Bubby playing his new "trombone."
Daddy enjoyed playing Bubby's "trombone" too.....
But Bubby must not of liked the music that daddy was making.
Sissy trying to figure out her new computer.  I don't think she sees the point in a toy if it can't go in her mouth.
Bubby singing on his new microphone.  It is adorable to hear this lil guy sing.
After we opened presents we got dressed and headed to Nana and Gampa's house for lunch.
And after lunch we opened more presents.
Bubby getting his first computer.
Sissy got the only kind of pacifier she likes....a teething pacifier.
She also got a lil moose that is sitting on her lap.  Love her excitement.
And a lamb that plays soothing sounds for when she is sleeping.  Apparently it can also be used for teething.
But she loved the lamb.  I didn't get too many pictures of Bubby because he was wanting to go to the park to play.  And believe it or not....Bubby and Nana went to the park to play...and he loved it.
After opening all the presents and eating and playing at the park everyone was wore out.  Especially this lil girl.
Conked out on her Nana.  And Bubby was asleep in the other room.
Daddy was asleep on the couch.
I tried to get a picture where you can see everyone but I was too tired to stand up and take the picture....but you can see Daddy asleep, Sissy asleep, and Gampa asleep.  It was one lazy Christmas afternoon.
After our naps we went in search of food.  We usually do Chinese on Christmas night in honor of the Christmas Story but there weren't any Chinese Restaurants open near us (actually there was one and we walked in and walked out cuz it stunk to high heaven) so we ended up eating at Hardee's.
Love this picture of the three of them at Hardee's.  After eating we went and drove through the park to see all the lights then we headed back to Nana and Gampa's....
To play.  Bubby had a blast playing with Grampa....
And Sissy played with Nana.
Looking up at her Nana and smiling.  Goofy girl.
Didn't I say earlier that there is nothing better than Christmas kisses?  Does that count when it's a dog giving the kisses?
The day after Christmas we took Sissy to get her 6 month checkup.  This lil girl is as healthy as can be.  She is 22lbs 6oz and 28 inches long.  She is perfect in every way.
Sissy, Daddy, and Marley playing with some of their Christmas gifts.  Unfortunately, a few days later Sissy got sick for the very first time.
This is the face of a lil girl with Influenza A.  It was the saddest thing.  But she is all better now.  As I write there is snow coming down outside and both kids are sound asleep in their beds.  Mr. G and I are getting ready to snuggle up on the couch and watch some college basketball.  God has blessed us this holiday season with lots of "things" but the best blessing of all is the family he has put by our side.  Everyday is special and everyday is perfect because we are all together.  Merry Christmas to everyone and a Happy New Year from the G family.