Friday, February 24, 2012


In the last few weeks Baby G has really started using his walker to get him places.  We got Baby G a walker for Christmas but it really wasn't getting much use and we were beginning to wonder if Baby G just didn't care for it.  Obviously we were wrong.  He just needed some time and now he can't wait to go exploring in his walker.  Mr. G took a couple videos of Baby G while they were playing.  Mr. G was kind of playing hide-n-seek with Baby G to see if Baby G could maneuver himself in the walker to find him..... See for yourself how Baby did.

Friday, February 17, 2012


Every Thursday Baby G, my nephew, and I head over to my grandma and grandpa's house to spend the morning and eat lunch.
 The boys are always excited to go.
 Oh...Baby G wanted to show you his favorite book....he read it on the way to grandma and grandpa's.  Actually, they both slept on the way to grandma and grandpa's... as they always do.

 My nephew loves playing with all the balls at grandma and grandpa's house and I must say that he has the best fast ball I have ever seen from a 21 month old.... unfortunately he is usually aiming for grandma's head.  As grandma would say, "Man....that kid just doesn't miss" as another ball smacks her in the head.  She absolutely loves it.
 This was one of the first times that Baby G was all over the place getting into everything at grandma and grandpa's house.
 For a long time he would just sit there but not anymore.  He's a moving boy.
 "Are you proud of me, grandma?"
 It took everything grandma had to hold on to Baby G because he was wanting to just take off walking.
 Now, this is a classic picture.
 Finally grandpa gets in the picture which is ironic because if he is not in the room my nephew will pretty much say "Papa...Papa...Papa" until he comes back.  He loves playing cars with papa.

 What you can't see in this picture is that the whole front of his shirt is soaked, and there are puddles of drool all over the floor.... Baby G is definitely teething.
 This picture was taken right after lunch and again you can't see it but Baby G has food all over his face and stuck in his eyelashes and eyebrows.  It was so cute but it seemed to take me all day to get it all off.
We always have a great time with grandma and grandpa.  Thursdays have become very special days in the G household.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Grandma & Papa Came For a Visit

This last weekend we were able to spend some time with Mr. G's folks...aka - Grandma & Papa.
 Before they arrived I decided to take a few pictures of my two boys.
 Grandma and Papa couldn't believe how much Baby G had changed since the last time they saw him.
 Baby G hadn't seen Grandma and Papa in a while but once they got down on the floor and started playing with him he warmed up real fast.
 He loved rolling the worm back and forth with his Papa.
 And occasionally he would turn my way and flash one of his famous ornery smiles.
 Surprisingly Grandma and Papa forgot their camera so they both had their phones out to take pictures.
 Baby G was talking a blue streak and was cracking them up.
 Papa and Baby G had a good time playing on the floor.
 Baby G has gotten good at pulling himself up and loves to grab the remote controls off of the coffee table.  He decided to show Grandma and Papa his talent.
 Baby G was one happy boy with his Grandma close by and a ball in his hand.
 Grandma and Papa started called Baby G "Bam Bam" because he loved to pound the table with whatever he had in his hand.

 Baby G started walking while he was holding on to the coffee table and he would go back and forth to Papa then me.
 So we decided to let him show Grandma and Papa how well he can walk pushing his walker.
 Baby G was very proud of himself and thought it was hilarious that he was walking.
 We got a quick picture after he fell down with Mr. G's hat on.
 Then the sweet boy started crawling my way.
 For dinner we went to Applebees.  Baby G was a very good boy playing with his toys and eating his food and was still talking a blue streak....and let me tell you, when Baby G talks it isn't most of the restaurant got to enjoy his jabbering.
 When it was time to go Baby G gave Grandma and Papa one last hug....
 and kiss.
Baby G had a blast hanging out with his Grandma and Papa for the evening.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Day at the Gym

At least once a week I usually make sure that me and the boys head to the gym.  There is a local church with a full size basketball court that is not being used throughout the day which makes it a perfect place for two energized little boys to play.  
 Baby G has just recently taken a liking to balls.  I am not sure why....maybe it's because his mommy and daddy enjoyed playing sports so much, or maybe it's because...
 He watches his cousin who constantly has a ball in his hands.  Check out this video of my nephew shooting hoops.

 Baby G is still a bit too young to be shooting the ball just yet but he sure loves holding the ball and...
Trying to dribble it.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Too Many Pictures

 The other day Baby G was playing with bowls and lids on the kitchen floor just talking away and crawling all around.  I decided it was a perfect opportunity to take some pictures.

 And he was being awful cute.
 He sure does love to smile....
 and smile...

and smile....
But I think I must've taken too many pictures....
 Because Baby G started shutting his eyes each time the camera flashed.
 He's still smiling, though...
 and seemed to think it was funny...
But just couldn't keep his eyes open.

Friday, February 3, 2012


January 30, 2012 Baby G started crawling for the first time.  It happened at his Nana and Gampa's house just after we had dropped Mr. G off at work.  We often stop by for coffee at Nana and Gampa's before we go and pick up my nephew for the day.  On this particular day I could tell that that something was different.  Baby G had been playing with a light up Cinderella microphone that say 'Bippity Boppity Boo.'  We were all sitting around watching Baby G while he was playing when the microphone rolled away from Baby G.  For the first time Baby G leaned forward and got on all fours and slowly but surely crawled his way to the microphone.
Here is a video of Baby G crawling a few days later to his Nana who just so happened to be holding that same microphone.