Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Contagious Laughter

This is the sound that I look forward to every morning when I wake up.  Baby G's laugh has gotten better and better and he gets older.  In the beginning he would basically just smile really big.  Then when he got a little older he would let out a grunt or two along with his smile.  Now we get a full out laugh that is really more like a cackle.  It is the cutest sound ever and both Mr. G and I will do anything to make Baby G laugh so we can hear that precious noise.  The great thing is, right now you don't have to do much to make him laugh.  I noticed that Baby G would laugh really hard when I would play peak-a-boo with him, but after a while I realized that all I had to do was make the "boo" sound and he would crack up.  Another thing....I don't know about anyone else, but I can't help but smile every time Baby G looks my way and laughs.  It could be because I am his Mama and I feel like his laugh is a gift straight from God, but even still, I find his laugh highly contagious.  Give it a shot.  Watch the video and if you don't crack a smile while watching it then take note that I was wrong, but don't be surprised if you find that I am right.

Contagious Laughter Video


Baby G went to his first high school basketball game to watch his uncle coach.
 The game started off a little rough until Baby G got used to the loud horn, but once he did he ended up having a great time.
Baby G also got to hang out with his other aunt and uncle that live in Kansas.  They had a blast together during the game, but they were a little worn out after Baby G got done jumping.  Check out the video to see what I mean.  Although, I think his uncle might've been exaggerating just a tad.

Jumping Video

Monday, November 28, 2011

Tis The Season

 After Thanksgiving Mr. G and I usually try and get our Christmas decorations up either on Friday or Saturday.  We actually did it on both days this year.  We put our tree up on Friday evening and finished decorating it on Saturday morning.  We were talking about how last year it was just the two of us and we were looking forward to having Baby G with us the next year when we put up our tree.
 Because if Baby G hadn't been around then Mr. G would've looked really silly making all his funny faces.

But Baby G thought it was hilarious....and I did too.
Finally Mr. G put the tree skirt down to get ready for our Christmas tree.

 I took one of the Christmas tree branches and held it up for Baby G to feel.
 And, of course, he wanted to put it in his mouth.  Go figure.
 Are two boys played while Mr. G and I ...

 tried to put up the tree.
 We watched Christmas shows while we put the tree up.... that is a tradition in my family.
 Our tree is looking a lil funny at this point.
 After a while we all laid down to catch some Zzzz's.
 The next day we started putting on our Christmas ornaments.
 This is Baby G's first ornament.  It says, "Baby's First Christmas" on it.
 And, of course, he wanted to put it in his mouth.  Go figure.
 Then together....
 ... we put his ornament on the tree.
 He loved his ornament.
We had a blast decorating for Christmas with lots of good memories made .

Saturday, November 26, 2011


 I must apologize.  I did not take a lot pictures like I wanted to on Thanksgiving.  Between having 2 amazing meals, spending time with lots of family, plus the fact that I was under the weather, I forgot to get my camera out at my family's house and I only got a few pictures at Mr. G's family's house.  When the day was over I was a bit bummed that I didn't get more pictures..... but I figured I'll just take more next time.
 These two are absolutely adorable playing together on the floor. So when dinner we laid them down but we weren't sure if they would even notice each other and then all of sudden Baby G's cousin rolled over right into Baby G's arms. Super cute and a great picture.
Here they are playing after Thanksgiving dinner.  This is what Thanksgiving is all about.... Not the food or preparation for black Friday, but time spent with family.  I think Baby G really enjoyed his first Thanksgiving, but next time I will definitely get more pictures.

Friday, November 25, 2011

War Run

If you know my hubby you probably know the sweet, caring, funny Mr. G, but one of the perks of being married is getting to see a special side of your hubby.  He will do so many silly things just to make me smile and I get to see a side of him that nobody gets to see.  I love that.  For example, he found a Michael W. Smith CD that has all instrumental songs on it.  There was one song on the CD that Mr. G likes to think of as his theme song.  After many times of him performing to this song while we were driving along he finally let me video tape him.  This is one of the funniest things I've ever seen.

War Run Video

Friday, November 18, 2011

What's New??

You might have noticed that I haven't updated my blog this week.  That is because my Darling Husband, Mr. G, had to go on a business trip and he took our computer with him.  I figured his job is a little more important than my blogging....especially since his job brings in the bacon (technically I haven't eaten bacon in years....but you know what I mean)
So I am trying to make up for lost time on this post.  This may lead you to believe that I have a ton a pictures in this post but truthfully while Mr. G was gone I took most of my pictures with my phone so I could send it to him.  So I don't have many pictures to show you.  But before Mr. G left we got Baby G his second haircut.  That makes it two haircuts for Baby G by the age of 5 months.  Not to shabby.

I promise I did not take as many pictures as the first time...especially since he didn't look much different.

 He still liked eating the cape.  The amazing thing was that his hair had gotten super thick so the barber had to thin it out.  Crazy for a 5 month old.

 I forgot to bring Baby G's bumbo so he sat on his daddy's lap instead.

When the barber was done she took a picture of all of us.
While Mr. G was gone Baby G and I stayed with my mom and dad at their house.  It brought back memories from when I was living there....only this time I had a baby.

We enjoyed giving Baby G a bath in mom and dad's sink.  He seemed to enjoy it too.
Another new thing with Baby G is that he no longer sucks his thumb...
Instead he turns his hand back and sucks on his first two fingers.  He just started it this week but he does it all the time.

So funny....
He also has started saying "Mama" and "Dada."  Unfortunately I haven't got that on video yet....but I did get a video today in his Christmas shirt talking to me while he jumped in his jumper.

Baby G Video

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Sitting Up

Drum roll please......

 Baby G is officially sitting up on his own.  And, boy oh boy, is he proud of it.
Our lil boy is growing up so fast.  The next thing we know he will be crawling all over the place and then Mr. G and my world will change forever.

CONGRATULATIONS Baby G!!!  Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you!!!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Baby G & Marley

Just wanted to show a quick video from our day today.  Nothing special.  Just me, Baby G, and Marley enjoying some Christmas music.  Hope you enjoy.

Baby G & Marley Video

Honey Mustard

As soon as Mr. G walked in the door I had a present for him....actually, Baby G had a present for him.  Just moments before Mr. G arrived home from work Baby G had filled his pants....and when I say "filled"....I mean "FILLED."  At first we just saw the dark spot on the lower back part of Baby G's shirt....but once we lifted the shirt...
...we realized we were in big trouble.  I apologize if this picture is inappropriate or if it causes you to never want to eat honey mustard again.  We eventually came up with the game plan that Mr. G would hold Baby G up while I stripped him down.  Mr. G was complaining because he could smell it....but what he didn't understand was that not only was I smelling it, but while I was trying to remove Baby G's shirt some of it had gotten on me....that's when I ever so sweetly shared our son's 'honey mustard' with my husband by wiping it on his arm.  Just sharing the love.
We eventually got Baby G cleaned up, fed, and off to bed...but it sure made for a more eventful evening.

Sick Day

It was a heartbreaking experience and it was only a head cold.  Mr. G and I were up most the night with Baby G as his fever kept getting higher and higher.  Even though it only peaked at 100.6 degrees, that was extremely high to me.  The night started out like any other.  We had laid Baby G in his crib while he was still awake because lately he has been able to put himself to sleep.  But this particular night he tossed and turned and cried and wouldn't go to sleep for anything.  Around 10:30 I ended up taking him into the living room with me and we laid together on the couch.  I must've eventually fallen asleep because when I woke up around 12:30am I was burnin up....and I realized so was Baby G.  I took him into his room and undressed him down to his onsies and took his temp.  It was 99.9 at that time so I told Mr. G that Baby G was running a fever and we decided to let him lay with us in bed for the rest of the night.  You could tell his little body was aching because he couldn't stop tossing from turning.  It broke our heart to watch.  
When morning came Mr. G and I gave each other a high five because we made it through our first night with a sick baby.  I waited till after 9 and then called the doctor.  They wanted me to bring him in at 10:50.  All morning Baby G was either crying, whining, or sleeping....but for about 15 minutes he did enjoy his jumper and actually looked almost happy.
But you could still tell in his eyes that he didn't feel good.  The doctor looked him over really good and decided that it was just a head cold.  His ears, nose, and throat all looked really good.  I was pleased.  And praise God, by mid-afternoon Baby G's fever had broken.  He still doesn't feel great.  He has a runny nose and a cough and is still fussy and whiny but he is much better than yesterday.  Praise God!!!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Good Morning

I used to dread mornings because it meant getting up super early, working out, and heading to work....but now I look forward to mornings because 
 I get to look at this precious face all morning long.  Yesterday morning we were blessed that Mr. G didn't have to be in at work until 9 so Baby G and I got to enjoy the morning with him too.
 Don't judge us....but all morning we played Christmas music.  It kind of felt wrong since it was almost 70 degrees outside....but we enjoyed it.  In this picture Mr. G is swaying Baby G to the tune of Santa Baby.
 Marley even got in on the fun....actually he just laid there and looked at us like we were crazy.  Can you see our sweet Baby G in the background?
One of the best parts about morning is that you can stay in your pajamas and bum around all you want.
Apparently you can even wear your shirt inside out and not have to worry about anybody knowing about it.....unless your wife enjoys blogging.....then you are stuck with the whole Internet community finding out.

Baby G Dancing to Christmas Music

Friday, November 4, 2011


I know that Halloween is a controversial topic for Christians and I understand, but my family's point of view is that we aren't celebrating "the dead" we are just dressing up and getting candy and enjoying good fellowship with our Christian family.  So we did just that.  I must warn you that I have lots of pictures.  Because of the day that Halloween fell on this year we ended up having trick-or-treating for 3 nights in a row.  So lots of candy and lots pictures were a result.
 This is my nephew, "Yoda."
 My oldest niece was a "Fairy Queen."  But Mr. G enjoyed "accidentally" calling her "Dairy Queen" most of the time.  And my other niece was an Angel.  Unfortunately, Baby G didn't get much of nap all day and finally fell asleep right before it was time to go trick-or-treating.
 And he looked so peaceful asleep in his crib....but I couldn't let him miss out on his first Halloween....so I was a bad parent and woke him up.  But he was a champ about it.
 Here's the gang all ready to get as much candy as possible.
 This was the first house we stopped at for candy.  The baby in my arms is Baby G and the weird look on my face is your imagination.
 Here we are walking the neighborhood.  We ended up having a good turn out and good weather...but by the time we were done Baby G was so tired that...
 He actually fell asleep while I was in the process of taking his punkin costume off of him.  Poor guy.  And if he only knew that he was going to have to do it all again the next night.  The next night we had trunk-or-treating at our church.  It was our best turn-out yet with a ton of neat characters showing up from our church family.
 I believe this is sleeping beauty...with a purple coat on.
 Minnie Mouse with her mommy.
 Army guy with mean scary green teeth.
 Oh...and you might recognize these characters.  Baby G with his Nana and Gampa.
I'm not sure if they were farmers, cowboys, or ranchers...I'm not sure if they knew either...but the belt buckle was awesome.
 We had a pirate...but this poor pirate was a little cold and ended up in his street clothes before the night was over.
 I think she is a farmer....but when I told her to say cheese she covered her eyes and said, "Cheeeeezzz."
 So then I had to take another picture without her knowing it to see her beautiful face.
 And here is her twin sister showing me her candy bucket.  I was lucky to get this picture because she wanted nothing to do with my camera.

 And here are a couple of members of our church.  The one on the right is an elder....and yes....he's wearing Long Johns.

 We had lots of good fellowship and really good food.

 And before the night was over Thomas the Train showed up.
 And his little sister...I think she is a princess.
 Then it was time for the trunk-or-treating.  We decided not to decorate our trunk much this year, but just throw a bunch of balloons in the back.  It turned out to be a hit.
 All my nephew wanted was a balloon.
 And he got it.  I wish I could've gotten a picture of his face a few minutes later when the balloon landed on a rock on the ground and popped.  Poor guy was devastated, but he was given another balloon that lasted about ten minutes before it popped as well.  I didn't tell anyone that the balloons only cost me a buck fifty.  Unfortunately, we ended up with a lot of popped balloon pieces all over the ground by the time the night was over.
 We had lots of kids lined up to grab their candy and a balloon.
 And everyone took pictures.....Long Johns & all.
 Here are some of the little girls from our church digging in for candy and my sweet angel niece in the background waiting her turn.
 Here's our other niece trying to find her favorite candy.
 We had a lot to choose from.
 Aw....and a little bunny came too holding her carrot.  She was absolutely adorable....and I think her grandpa is already doing a little matchmaking with her and Baby G.
 Mmmmm....I can't see anything in this picture.  Everything is camouflage.
 Here's one of our older kids dressed as a nerd.  He played the part well.

We ended with getting the whole group together for one final picture.  It was such a fun night that I am already looking forward to next year.  Okay...here's your test....Can you find Baby G?