Monday, November 28, 2011

Tis The Season

 After Thanksgiving Mr. G and I usually try and get our Christmas decorations up either on Friday or Saturday.  We actually did it on both days this year.  We put our tree up on Friday evening and finished decorating it on Saturday morning.  We were talking about how last year it was just the two of us and we were looking forward to having Baby G with us the next year when we put up our tree.
 Because if Baby G hadn't been around then Mr. G would've looked really silly making all his funny faces.

But Baby G thought it was hilarious....and I did too.
Finally Mr. G put the tree skirt down to get ready for our Christmas tree.

 I took one of the Christmas tree branches and held it up for Baby G to feel.
 And, of course, he wanted to put it in his mouth.  Go figure.
 Are two boys played while Mr. G and I ...

 tried to put up the tree.
 We watched Christmas shows while we put the tree up.... that is a tradition in my family.
 Our tree is looking a lil funny at this point.
 After a while we all laid down to catch some Zzzz's.
 The next day we started putting on our Christmas ornaments.
 This is Baby G's first ornament.  It says, "Baby's First Christmas" on it.
 And, of course, he wanted to put it in his mouth.  Go figure.
 Then together....
 ... we put his ornament on the tree.
 He loved his ornament.
We had a blast decorating for Christmas with lots of good memories made .

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