Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sick Day

It was a heartbreaking experience and it was only a head cold.  Mr. G and I were up most the night with Baby G as his fever kept getting higher and higher.  Even though it only peaked at 100.6 degrees, that was extremely high to me.  The night started out like any other.  We had laid Baby G in his crib while he was still awake because lately he has been able to put himself to sleep.  But this particular night he tossed and turned and cried and wouldn't go to sleep for anything.  Around 10:30 I ended up taking him into the living room with me and we laid together on the couch.  I must've eventually fallen asleep because when I woke up around 12:30am I was burnin up....and I realized so was Baby G.  I took him into his room and undressed him down to his onsies and took his temp.  It was 99.9 at that time so I told Mr. G that Baby G was running a fever and we decided to let him lay with us in bed for the rest of the night.  You could tell his little body was aching because he couldn't stop tossing from turning.  It broke our heart to watch.  
When morning came Mr. G and I gave each other a high five because we made it through our first night with a sick baby.  I waited till after 9 and then called the doctor.  They wanted me to bring him in at 10:50.  All morning Baby G was either crying, whining, or sleeping....but for about 15 minutes he did enjoy his jumper and actually looked almost happy.
But you could still tell in his eyes that he didn't feel good.  The doctor looked him over really good and decided that it was just a head cold.  His ears, nose, and throat all looked really good.  I was pleased.  And praise God, by mid-afternoon Baby G's fever had broken.  He still doesn't feel great.  He has a runny nose and a cough and is still fussy and whiny but he is much better than yesterday.  Praise God!!!

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