Sunday, November 25, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving 2012

It seemed like the last few weeks went by extra slow with Thanksgiving around the corner, but finally the day arrived and I was so excited for the family-fun-filled day.
 Our first stop was my mom and dad's with a noon meal.  This was the kids table and by the looks of it, they were enjoying the meal.
 My mom's birthday is November 22nd so occasionally it lands on Thanksgiving Day....this happened to be one of those years so after the meal we all gathered around to sing my mom happy birthday.
 Nana was sweet and shared her four cupcakes with her four grandchildren.
 Which made Baby G very happy....
 And very messy.
 Holidays are a good time for family pictures.  We were very blessed to have my aunt, uncle, and cousin at our Thanksgiving meal this year.  It didn't take long before the four kiddos had all three of them in the play room playing.  It was super cute to watch.
Baby G wore the drool look well in our family picture.  It's always fun to watch everybody trying to get Baby G to smile behind the cameras.
 Here's my brother and his adorable family....unfortunately, despite the silly people trying to make everyone nephew wanted no part of it.
 Here is my other brother and his sweet wife.  They traveled all the way from Kansas for Thanksgiving and were able to stay for a few days.  It was so nice to have them home.
 We also got a great picture of my mom and dad.  They are usually always the ones taking the pictures so it was nice to get one of them.
 My mom and her sweet Mama.....aka...Nana and Boppy as our lil ones like to call them.
 Mozzie and Papa Jim were able to come to our Thanksgiving meal this year....which we all thoroughly enjoyed.

 Then we got a shot of Mozzie, Papa Jim, and all the grandchildren and great-grandchildren that were present.
 And we did the same with Boppy.  Unfortunately, Baby G had just filled his pants which seemed to bother his uncle standing right next to him.  Maybe at Christmas we can get a better picture.
 Then we got a picture of my mom and dad with the whole family.  At this point Baby G was pictured-out....but his cry could maybe be mistaken for a smile....maybe.

 Then we headed outside to try for some more family pictures.  We tried to do one in the tree which turned out decent but....

 It turned out really good for my brothers family.  Absolutely adorable...
 As are these two lil cuties who didn't want to stop hanging around on the tree.
 Baby G then got interested in all the beautiful leaves on the ground.
 He loved looking up in the sky and throwing the leaves up in the air.

Our second stop was up north at Mr. G's sister's house.
 The whole goal of the night was to get a picture for Grandma and Papa's Christmas card.  This one would've been good but Baby G was running around the house trying to play with the toys.
 Both boys had had a long Thanksgiving day which left them both unhappy about the thought of pictures.  Grandma and Papa tried to make them happy by putting them on their shoulders....
 But it didn't really work out.
We took a break for a little bit from nephew even went down for a lil nap.
 He was still so tired when he woke up....but he looked so cute.
 Both boys then enjoyed story time with Grandma and Papa...which made for a cute picture.
 Then we stuck the boys in the bathtub.  We got to thinking that it might be a cute Christmas card to have the boys in the tub with their Santa hats...
 But my nephew did not like his Santa hat at all.
 He was much happier without the Santa hat.
Baby G didn't mind the Santa hat and enjoyed posing for pictures while his Mama took a ton of pictures trying to find one that would work for our Christmas card....I think we maybe found one that would work.
Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Doggie Door Trouble

Supper was in the oven but we still had an hour to wait before it was done so we were enjoying that time by playing with Baby G.  Before long Baby G was tired of our games and toys and was ready to play with the cat.  So I opened up the cover on the doggie door, turned the camera on, and waited to see what Baby G would do.
 It didn't take long before Baby G figured out how to get the cat in the house.  But now that the cat was in the house we had to find her, catch her, and put her back outside.
 Baby G spotted her behind the old desk....
 But she was too quick for Baby G to catch.
 Baby G was loving this game.
 Then KitCat ran under the table...
 So Baby G was quick to follow.

 He found her!!!  But Baby G was again too slow to catch her.
Where'd she go now????
 Um....she's behind you Baby G!!!
Baby G then grabbed his toy snake...
 And was using it as bait to catch KitCat.
 He thought it was hilarious!

 I think KitCat thought it was a real snake.
Well....we had a really good time chasing KitCat through the house but it was time for KitCat to go back out in the garage.
 But Baby G wasn't real thrilled with that idea.  He right away started trying to lift the cover on the doggie door.
 When he couldn't get the cover off he looked up at me with those sweet eyes and said...."Please!"
 I was about to say 'yes' but then he got the door open himself.
 "Oh, KitCat.....Where are you???"
 Gotta give him credit for following through on what he started.
The little stinker!!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Taking Birds To The Doctor

It seems like the afternoon has become the time of day when my nephew likes to just sit and talk with me.  I thoroughly enjoy it and love hearing what's on his heart.  He has quite the imagination.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Halloween 2012

I am a little behind in my blogging... especially since its already November 6th and I am just now writing about Halloween.  Whoopsie.  What makes it even better is that we've already been listening to Christmas music in our house.  Mr. G turned it on a few days ago and we've been rockin it out ever since.....It's just more proof that I'm slacking a bit on my blogging.  But back to Halloween....
As is tradition....(This is last years picture)
 Baby G got his picture taken in his Halloween costume with Nana and Gampa.
 And then he got one with mom and dad, too.
 After pictures we went to a local retirement home where Baby G's great grandma lives.  There was a big line of residents  passing out candy when we got there.
 Baby G was checking out the ketchup bottle.  He got really good at taking everyone's candy.
 Here's Baby G with his great grandma.  She was so excited to see us and it was really cute watching her and Baby G talk.
 Then we headed back to Nana and Gampa's house for supper and trick-or-treating.  When everybody else got to the house we tried really quick for a cousins picture.....we almost got everyone looking.

 It didn't take long before the trick-or-treaters started arriving.
 Baby G enjoyed helping pass out candy....but there were a few costumes that sent him running...and honestly, I even thought they were really scary looking.  Luckily, I don't think he's had any nightmares from it.  Happy Halloween!!!!