Monday, December 17, 2012


On Friday night Baby G started running a little bit of a fever.
 By Saturday night his fever was up to 104.1....
 Baby G was pitiful looking and Mama and Daddy were worried.  We used a lot of Tylenol and Motrin and had many lukewarm baths in attempt to bring the fever down.  Then by Sunday he didn't have much of a fever.  But on Monday morning Baby G woke up with....
A rash.  Poor guy looked terrible and you could tell he felt even worse than he looked.  We saw a dr at 3 and were told that Baby G probably had Scarlatina.  We then had to go to the hospital to get blood work done.  Praise God that the results were negative and Baby G was diagnosed with Roseola.  This was good news because it meant that the virus would just run its coarse and the rash should be gone in 24-48 hours.
 By the time we got home tonight Baby G's rash was already worse.  And it was not just on his face but....

Pretty much all over his body.  And the poor guy is really starting to itch.  

It was a terrible sight to watch.
Praying all this gets cleared up real soon and that Baby G will be back to himself again.

Candy Cane Lane

On Friday night Mr. G, Baby G and I went with Nana and Gampa to Candy Cane Lane down in West Frankfort.  It was the first time going and we were really impressed.  The best part was watching Baby G point out all the things he recognized.  The only thing that Baby G recognized that he didn't like was Santa Claus....otherwise he had a blast.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Stickers & Jesus Loves Me

Notice how my sweet nephew says "...For the Bible tells me SOAP."

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Santa Clause

For the last week I have been preparing the boys for this day.  I have talked about Santa Claus and how nice he is and that he is definitely not scary.  I even showed them pictures of other smiling kids sitting on Santa's lap.  I did this in hopes that our visit with Santa Claus today at the library would not have any tears.
 I was so excited that Mr. G was able to come along to the library with us.  When we first got there we had our normal story time and then the kids were able to just hang out around the library for 10 minutes or so until Santa and Mrs. Claus arrived.
 A lot of kids took that time to do puzzles or check out books.  Not my boys.  They enjoyed falling face first into the bean bags.
 But they sure were having fun.
 Then Ms. Sharon asked that we all come and sit down while she read The Night Before Christmas.  And right at the end of the book in walked....
 Santa and Mrs. Claus.....  And instantly came a loud scream coming straight from....
 Baby G.
 Mr. G ended up taking Baby G to the back of the library to calm him down while Santa and Mrs. Claus talked to the children.
 I guess my plan on preparing the boys for Santa worked on one lil boy as my nephew did a fantastic job.
 Baby G, however, wanted no part of it.
 Mrs. Claus tried to pry Baby G away but it was no use.  Baby G's grip was just too strong.
 While all this was going on I looked back at my nephew and I hear him say, "I want Thomas!"  Good job, buddy!!!!
 One last picture!  I love that smile!
The boys each got a little goody bag and then we were done.  I was glad that my nephew had such a good experience and I am hopeful that next year Baby G will too.
Ho Ho Ho!!!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Lighting of the Christmas Tree

I am a couple weeks behind in my posting.
 But the Saturday after Thanksgiving we decided to put up our Christmas tree and all of our Christmas decorations.  Baby G was helping by sitting on the big tub of Christmas decor while daddy carried it in.
 And he was a really big help with handing us the branches of the tree.  All though he looked at us like we were a little crazy for putting this big tree in our house.
 After putting up the tree we realized that our lights from last year didn't work so we had to wait to finish the tree decorating until we could buy more lights.
The next day we were finally able to finish what we started. For some reason, Baby G found his stocking hat, put it on, and wouldn't take it off while we were decorating.
 Silly boy!!
 The funny part was that Daddy had already put that ornament on the tree but I missed the picture so I asked him to stand there and act like he was putting an ornament on the tree.  He did a pretty good job.
 Baby G got distracted for a bit playing with his toys....

 But then decided to help pick out ornaments.
 He took this decision making process very seriously.
Merry Christmas!!!