Thursday, December 19, 2013

How A 2 Year Old Eats Spaghetti

Right now spaghetti is Bubby G's favorite food.  He asks for spaghetti just about every meal so I thought I would share with you the "how to" when it comes to a toddler eating spaghetti.
 First you scoop up a huge amount of spaghetti onto your fork and open your mouth up really wide.
 Then you shove it in.
 You might have to use your hand to shove the rest of the spaghetti in.
 Then you stick your pacifier in while you chew.  Once you're done chewing then you take the pacifier out and...
 Set it to the side so you can get ready for the next bite.
 Sometimes a little spaghetti hangs out but that's okay.
 Remember...that's what your hands are for.
Already trying to be just like her Bubby.
Then you stick the pacifier back in your mouth so that you can wipe your hands off with your napkin.
 And you will probably need more than one napkin to get the job done.
 This is Bubby's biggest fan.
 This is the point where Bubby G realizes that he's too messy to keep eating so he must go and wash up.
 First you put the soap on your hands and then stare at it for at least 18 seconds.
 Then you start rubbing your hands together.
 Checking to make sure the soap was doing the job.
  Then you rinse off.
 And dry off.
 Can't be done till you show your mommy where the spaghetti went.

Once lunch is done then you must finish with a good long nap.
 And chances are Sissy G will follow suit.

Teeth, Cereal, & Bathtime Fun

 The days are going way too fast and my lil joys are getting way too big.  Bubby is officially 2 1/2 and Sissy G will be 6 months old in a couple days.  This cannot be possible!!
 Sissy has two baby teeth in her mouth and she loves to use them.  If you put anything near her mouth you better know it's going in her mouth and it's going to be chomped on.
We also had our first bath time with the two kids together.  They loved it and it is something they look forward to every night now.
 All clean and all smiles.
Waiting patiently for her bubby to get washed up.
 We also started Sissy on cereal.
 She wasn't sure what to think at first....
 But seemed to enjoy what food stayed in her mouth.
 I think this girl is gonna be a good eater for me.
 Look at the excitement on her face.
 Then we started having some issues with the bib.
 She isn't used to having something around her neck.
 Guess this will take some getting used to.
 Silly girl!
 Getting more pictures the next day.
Back to my two sweeties.  I don't want to time to stand still but in a way that doesn't sound too bad.  Just imagine spending everyday from here on out with these guys.  Yep....that sounds pretty dog-on good to me.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Christmas Is Just Around The Corner

Our tradition remains as we waited till the weekend after Thanksgiving to put up the Christmas tree and start our Christmas fun.  Except for that week in July when I listened to Christmas music....that, of course, doesn't count. 
First order of business.... Going to see Santa and telling him what we want for Christmas. 
Walking into the mall to see Santa. 
This will be both Sissy and Bubby's first time sitting on Santa's lap.  Bubby was so excited.  He wanted to even bring a magazine with him to show Santa exactly what he wanted for Christmas.  Despite Bubby's excitement Mr. G and I still had a pretty good feeling that Bubby would be scared once he really saw Santa.  And we were 100% right because as soon as we got close to Santa Bubby started crying, "No Santa.  I wanna go home."
Luckily, the man who was taking the pictures had his 3 year old son there and Bubby knew him from school on Monday.  So they had Santa walk away and let the boys sit on Santa's chair for a while.
Then the lil boy got out of the picture and we stuck Sissy in there.
Then we slid Santa in the background.
And it worked like a charm.  A priceless picture in my opinion.

Even though Bubby G was too scared to tell Santa what he wanted for Christmas we are still going to mark Santa off our to-do list for this year.  Now the next thing on our to-do list is putting up the Christmas tree.

The night before we had started moving furniture around to make space for where we were going to put the Christmas tree.  I was able to capture an adorable video of Bubby talking to me about Santa.  Click on the link below to watch it.

Talking About Santa Video

The kids hugging before we started putting up the tree.
Posing for a picture.  I love how he has his hand on her shoulder.  Gotta love it.
While we were bringing in all the boxes of decor and setting up the base of the tree we let Sissy just sit and watch.  And that's exactly what she did.

Of course, Bubby is always a huge source of entertainment in our house so he decided to run circles around Sissy to make her laugh.  Click the link below to watch a video of it.

 Running Circles Around Sissy Video

Putting the first branch on the tree. 
I sure do love my family.
Bubby was trying to help dad and Sissy all of sudden started taking a huge interest in her feet.
She noticed her feet probably a month ago but this is the first time I've seen her....
Try to eat her feet.  
Bubby helping me put more Christmas decor around the house.
Amongst the pile of Christmas stuff waiting to be put in it's spot was Marley watching over it all.
Look who found Santa.  I think she's checking to see if his beard is real.
Almost done with the tree.
And now Bubby has found a new rocket ship to climb on.
A quick picture of me and Sissy while the boys were working.
But eventually all the fun wore Sissy out and she fell asleep in her swing while we continued to work.
Bubby putting the final touches on the tree.
He's the best star-putter-upper ever!  Great job Bubby!
Now for some pictures in front of the tree.  Sissy sat and smiled at me for probably 5 minutes letting me taker her picture, but with Bubby feel better after being sick we had a hard time getting him to slow down long enough to pose for a picture.  He was just so excited about the tree.
That's the closest I got with them both looking at the camera and almost smiling.
And that's just a sweet picture of Bubby showing how much he loves his sister.
But before the night was over I was able to get Bubby to stand in front of the tree and actually look at the camera and smile.  And YES that is a sucker in his hand.  And YES I did bribe him to get him to take a picture.  (Don't judge) And YES that is Polar Express on the TV.  Nothing like the Polar Express to get you in the Christmas spirit.
We had a great time getting ready for Christmas.  Now the hard part is gonna be helping Bubby to understand that Christmas is still weeks away.