Thursday, June 9, 2016

Strawberry Pickin'

We headed over to Mozzie's house to pick some strawberries.  The kids were beyond excited.
As soon as we got there the two older kids took off running looking for Papa.
The strawberries were sure looking good.
Here is my goofy strawberry picking crew.
Never a dull moment.
Papa was showing them which strawberries were good to pick.
This lil cutie hung back waiting for his turn to dig into the strawberries.
Pickin' away.
Looking good.
Uh-Oh....Bubby better hold on to his bucket of strawberries or Little G is gonna end up eating all of them.
Good job, Sissy.  This was her first time ever picking strawberries and she did a great job.  She only picked a few that weren't red.
They had a blast.
Lots of hard work.
Time to celebrate and eat a few.
Which made Little G very happy.
Back at home....Little G was pretending to be HULK....
Here is Sissy G with one of her good friends.  Don't they look just absolutely adorable.  They could totally pass as twins.

We were outside playing as usual and Bubby decided he was ready to ride his bike with out training wheels.
The very first time Mr. G let go of his bike Bubby rode all the way down the street without falling. 
And has been going every since.  He has yet to fall and quickly learned how to start and stop on his own and looks like a pro now.  I can't believe how easy he learned how to do it. 
In the meantime, these two goofy girls got down to their underwear and decided to sit in our play outdoor sink.  They had us all cracking up. 
Fun summer times.  Wouldn't trade it for the world.

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