Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Jam Packed Full of Fun Summer

 It has been a very hot summer.  And I mean HOT!! But just recently I've started feeling the struggle of being pregnant in the heat of the summer.  Definitely not complaining because I feel like I'm doing really well, but there are days when it's so hot and humid that catching my breath is a chore.  Our baby girl is definitely growing.
 On a day when my nephew was around while his folks were in Florida, we decided to fill a day full of fun for all the kids.  First stop was the movie theater to see Finding Dory.  Sissy was being goofy with a fruit snack in her mouth.
 We all had snacks and were ready for the movie.
 Love her reaction to the beginning.  It was a great movie.
 Definitely one of my favorite kids movies of all time.  That huge bag of popcorn that Bubby was hugging and eating on was technically the bag that Mr. G, Sissy, Bubby, and I were supposed to share.  Needless to say, Bubby wasn't hungry for dinner.
 Then we went to a place called Hannah's Playground in Breese.  It's an amazing playground.
 The kids had a blast.
 Playing music.
 Then we headed to Carlyle Lake to play at the beach.  We couldn't of asked for a better day.
 This picture was taken about 7pm.  He was wore out from all the fun.
 Gotta love when you put a laundry basket of clean clothes on the couch and go back to fold them only to find Marley laying on the clean clothes.
 Daddy reading a bedtime story to Little G.
 Saturday morning birthday party at a pool.  Levi is the one in the middle with his bottom stuck in the hole.
 Having fun at the pool with her buddy.
 Happy Father's Day to Mr. G.  He is an amazing father and it shows in all he does.
 During the church service they did a slide show of pictures from VBS. 
 Then the kids walked in and went up on stage to sing.
 Bubby was too shy but Sissy did a great job singing for church.
 I found Little G sound asleep with his hair in his hands.  Now I understand a bit better why he has such terrible bed head when he wakes up.
 Sweet sleep.
 More VBS at Nana and Gampa's church.  Sissy is in the pink.
 We celebrated this cuties third birthday on the 21st.  
 Blowing out candles.
 And a big smile after she was done.  Couldn't be more proud of this little sweetie.  She's a spunky fun litter girl who has a heart of gold. 
 Later than night I noticed a spot on Little G's head get bigger and bigger.  You can see the swelling on his forehead.  Not sure what bit him or stung him but it definitely caused a reaction.  After much concern and freaking out we decided to give him some Benadryl and put him to bed.  By morning is was about half the size. 
 Outside fun in the sun.
 Jumping in the water.
 Sissy jumping in the pool too.
 Thinking he is hilarious for stealing Sissy's baby doll.
 Practicing her swimming skills.
 Making a rocket ship with the neighbor kids.
 Working out.
 Bubby G with his cousin making crafts at VBS.
 Maybe should've brought a bigger pool for the water day at VBS....but the kids had a blast.
 Having a huge water fight.
 Playing on the swing set.  I love their big smiles.
 Library time with friends.
 Silly faces.
 Sissy helping Grandma sew.
 Sissy loved it.
 Splash pad with their cousins.
 Goofy girl.
 Had to pay them each twenty-five cents to get them to stop and smile for a picture....but it was worth it.
 The little mommy enjoying her baby doll and stroller.
 My first dress since my wedding dress but beyond excited about it.  This baby is really low and I'm very uncomfortable in any kind of pants or shorts so you might be seeing me in my new maternity dress a lot.
 We were out playing and a lightning bug landed on Sissy's baby doll.  The kids are loving lightning bugs right now so she picked it up....
 And let it crawl on her.
 This was the moment it flew away.  The little joys of being a child.
Nana and Gampa got a new rescue dog named Chewbacca (Chewey).  He is pretty stinking sweet and very much so loved by all the grandchildren. 

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