Friday, August 31, 2012

Block Heads

 This is probably the only time I will get away with calling my in-laws 'block-heads'....

 But they left me no choice.
 It's amazing what you'll do to make your grandchild laugh.
 And, technically....this little guy started the whole game.
And he loved every minute of it.
 Giving Grandma G kisses.
 Baby G showed Grandma G one of his favorite books.

And, of course, he couldn't let Grandma leave without watching a little Barney.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Balloon Fest 2012

This was Baby G's first trip to the Centralia Balloon Fest so BEWARE.....I took a lot of pictures.
 When we first got to the Balloon Fest we walked around to see all the different booths and what they were selling.  Baby G decided to try on one of the hats.
 You can't have a Balloon Fest without balloons.
 And you can't have a Balloon Fest without food.  This is everybody trying to decide what they wanted to eat.  There was so much good food there...unfortunately, it was way overpriced.

 While they decided Baby G enjoyed munching on some goldfish from home.
 And later he enjoyed an apple.
Baby G is sitting in the stroller next to my niece watching a balloon go up.
 Gotta love that toothless grin on my niece.
 Look at all those blonde headed kids.  Can't deny that they are all related.

 Then we got a picture with Nana and Gampa and all the grandkids.
This was our spot while we waited for all the balloons to go up.

 Baby G had just put a huge pile of dirt in Gampa's hand.
 Then the balloons started going up.  Baby G's eyes would get real big when he would see the fire going into the balloon.
 We were sitting right next to where the big lady bug hot air balloon was going up...
 So Baby G got a quick photo while it was airing up.
 Everybody had a blast.  You can see all the balloons going up behind them.
 This was what we were seeing in front of us.
 The lady bug balloon kept getting bigger....
 And bigger. was hard to get a picture without that apple in it.  But it still a good family shot.
 And then we took one more in front of all the balloons.
We stayed until they started the light show and then we all headed out.  We had two preachers with us that needed to get home to finish their sermon for the next day.  But as we were leaving Baby G enjoyed waving to everybody that passed by.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Baby G Warming Up

Baby G has gotten to where when we go to new places it takes him a while to warm up.  So when we took a road trip with Mozzie (my grandma) to go see my aunt and cousin I was a little worried that he wouldn't be very social.
My aunt pulled out some of her plastic bowls hoping Baby G would enjoy playing with them....and boy was she right.
Baby G enjoyed putting the bowl on his Mozzie's head....unfortunately, he wasn't always as careful as I would've liked him to be.
It definitely made for some cute pictures.
Now, Baby G had made himself at home but he still wouldn't get too close to my aunt or cousin so they decided to teach Baby G the Patty Cake song hoping to win him over.
I thought they did a really good job...
 And I think it actually helped.  Baby G started playing with them....although he would still keep his distance. But a couple of times when I would leave the room...
They would be able to pick him up and he wouldn't cry....
It was wonderful to get to spend time with family and see Baby G getting to know new people.  Hopefully the next time we see them it won't take him as long to warm up.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Baby G Using a Fork

This last week we started introducing Baby G to using a fork and a spoon. 
During the learning process Marley has really enjoyed the extra food on the floor.
It almost looks like he has a beard with all that food on his face...
Silly boy!!!
Check out Baby G in action using his fork during supper last night.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Picking Daddy Up From Work

I took this video while sitting in the parking lot waiting for daddy to come.  Notice the excited look on Baby G's face when he sees his daddy.
I am not 100% sure but it might be illegal to video tape while driving so don't tell on me but I wanted to share with you the sweet scene I get to see every evening when we go to pick daddy up from work.  Unfortunately, Baby G hadn't had a chance to swing outside yet today so when daddy asked that question it was a sore topic.  Lucky for Baby G the first thing his daddy when we got out of the car was take him swinging.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Baby G's Tree

In May of 2011 we were getting our garden ready to be planted when we noticed a little maple tree growing right in the middle of our garden.  We were excited because Baby G was due to be born in a few weeks and so we were able to plant the tree in our front yard and call it Baby G's tree.
 It has been just over a year since Baby G was born and this little tree was planted.  With the hot dry summer we've had we were worried that Baby G's tree wasn't going to make it, but Baby G helped in watering the tree on many occasions through out the summer and because of that Baby G's tree is still going strong.  I can't imagine how big the tree and Baby G will be in another year.
 Of course, taking a picture standing by the tree was not what Baby G had in mind as he took off running and giggling.
I sure am crazy about this little fellow!!!!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Baby G Praying

My heart melts every time I see our lil Baby G fold his hands to pray and say 'Amen.'

He maybe got a little carried away with the head nodding part.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Picking Tomatoes

I remember last year when Baby G was still itty bitty thinking that maybe next summer he will enjoy going out to pick tomatoes with me.  
 Boy was I right.  I think Baby G would spend all day outside picking tomatoes if I let him.
 I have spent a lot of time trying to teach him to only pick the RED tomatoes.  Looks like he's working really hard to get the perfect one.
Baby G also enjoys...

 Eating the tomatoes....Um...Apparently we still have some work to do on which color tomato to pick. least he knows what he wants.
Finally I get him back up to the house to put the tomatoes inside and as I turn around this is what I see....Baby G heading back out to pick more (green) tomatoes.  Gotta love it!!!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Playing With Daddy!!!

Any guesses on what Baby G is waiting for?
It is something that falls from the sky.

And it is something that makes Baby G REALLY happy!!!
Something that is so simple and much FUN!
Mr. G would throw the balloon up in the air...
And Baby G would get super excited when it would fall right in front of his face....or....

 Right on his head.

 He couldn't wait for the next balloon to go flying!!!