Thursday, June 28, 2012

Tball Fun

We have been blessed with the opportunity to watch my nieces play Tball this summer, and the last two games we were even able to see my nephew who is just 2 years old jump in and play too.
 This is his first time out in the field.
 Love this picture.
 And this one.  You can tell how proud my brother was and my nephew thought he was pretty hot stuff.
 Going after a ground ball.
 Taking care of her lil bro.
 How cute is this.
 All the kids sitting down waiting to bat.  And there's Baby G trying to use his baseball bat to hit the soccer ball.
 Batter up.
 What a pretty swing.  And in case your wondering...the ball is soaring through the infield.
 And after my nephew hit the ball he took off running....only he started running  towards the ball he just hit.  So you can see in this picture my brother trying to guide him toward first base.  And then once my nephew got to first base...
 He took off running back towards home.
 After the game Baby G enjoyed playing in the field...
 And my nephew practiced running the bases.
On the final night of tball Mr. G put together an amazing night for the kids filled with a jumping house, a dj, hotdogs, pizza, chips, soft drinks, and balloons....all for free.

 When the games were over I noticed Baby G making his way toward the tee.
 He would put the ball on the tee...
 And then swing.
 Put the ball back up on the tee.
 He seemed pleased with himself.

 Then my nephew came and started playing too.
Baby G had to learn the hard way not to stand too close to someone hitting the ball.  And my nephew got a lesson from a little boy on how to wear a helmet.
 We were surprisingly able to get the two boys to sit down for a quick picture...
We also got one of all the grandkids.
 And then even a family photo.
 After our short little photo shoot everyone started picking up.  Gampa had picked up a few flags and let Baby G play with them.
 And he absolutely loved playing with those flags.
 He was swinging them every which way.
 Silly boy.
 My niece enjoyed playing with the flags too.
 Baby G must've been feeling very patriotic.
It looks like he is ready for the Pledge of is almost Fourth of July.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My Aunts Hawaiian Wedding

 My aunt got married this last weekend out at her new house on the lake and when they said it was going to be a Hawaiian theme....they weren't kidding.
 I snapped a quick picture of my dad with the groom as they were waiting for the ceremony to begin.

 What do you think of the flower girls?

 Or should I say....flower dogs???
 Here is my aunt....the bride walking down the aisle with her oldest son escorting her.
 My dad did a great job preaching the wedding.
 Here's my boys enjoying the wedding....of course we had to feed Baby G the whole time to keep him happy.  Right after the ceremony my aunt and her new husband did their first dance.  It was a very beautiful slow dance until all of a sudden the music stopped and when it started again the dance turned into....well....

Take a look for yourselves.  I had no idea my aunt had moves like that.
And then at the very end they walked down to the edge of the deck and jumped in the water.
After the wedding I got another picture of my boys with Grandma B and one of the flower girls.  Baby G wasn't so sure.
We had a wonderful time as a family and
Also ended up with some cute family pictures.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Mommy's Sweeper

The other day I was doing the sweeping and I was trying to figure out how to keep Baby G out of the pile of dirt....then I realized....
 Why not give him a broom and let him be mommy's helper.
 All through out the house Baby G took his little broom and swept
 And he enjoyed every minute of it.  In fact, it was at least 30 minutes before he finally put the broom down.
It is amazing how quickly kids pick up on things.  As soon as I gave him the broom he knew exactly what to do with it.
Apparently the basketball needed swept up too.
Thanks for being such a big helper, Baby G!!!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Play Date in St. Louis

This last week Baby G and I had the chance to go to St. Louis to spend time with some friends.
We got to hang out with my best friend and her little boy.
After getting to her house and eating lunch we decided to go to a park to play and see their petting zoo.

 The little boys loved it...
Can you guess what Baby G is looking at???
 If you guessed goats you were right.
 The only thing we forgot on our trip was strollers....and even though the boys are only a little over 25 pounds....they got heavy fast.
 Here they are looking in on some roosters.
 I think they both wanted to find a way to get inside that fence.
 This peacock was one of the biggest I have ever seen and it was also one of the loudest.
 It scared the boys a little bit.
 This is Dotty....She scared the boys a little bit too.....
Are all cows this big?  She just seemed really big to me.
I think this horse enjoyed having her picture taken.... Maybe she was having a good hair day.
 We walked over to the lake and my friend was saying how gross the water looked...About that time her little boy threw his favorite toy train into the water.  
There's nothing like a mother's love.....
And anti-bacterial soap.
 We realized that we forgot to bring bread to feed the ducks when a sweet lady gave us some crackers to use.  My friends little boy was really excited... 

 And started throwing the crackers into the pond
 But Baby G....
Wasn't about to let food go that easily.  I spent most of the time trying to keep him from eating the crackers and understanding that they were for the ducks..... It didn't work too well.
 I love this picture with his belly hanging out.
 He's keeping his eye on the ducks...
 And the ducks were keeping their eye on him.
 I wonder what he's thinking about....

 We enjoyed spending a little more time with the ducks before heading over to the playground.
 He was a little shy at first about going down the slide...
 So Baby G walked down to the bottom to be a encourager.
 Baby G enjoyed watching all the other kids running around at first....
 But eventually he started playing too.
He liked the ropes....
 Until he realized I was on the other side.

 This little girl took a liking to Baby G and followed him everywhere he went for a while.  Baby G didn't mind too much.
 Hard at work...
 The two boys are still a little young to really know how to play together but occasionally they would stand and look at each other.
And last but not least we finished with.....
The swings...
 And both boys absolutely loved it.

By the looks on their faces you can pretty well guess that we had a really fun...really exhausting day....And there is nothing better than your pacifier, sippy cup, and good long nap to make everything better.  I have a feeling Baby G and I will be having a lot of play dates in the St. Louis area.