Tuesday, June 19, 2012

2nd 1st Birthday Party

This last weekend we headed up north to see Baby G's Grandma and Papa for Baby G's 2nd 1st Birthday Party because they were unable to come to his original birthday party.

 When we got there Baby G was able to spend some one-on-one time with his Grandma who was still recovering from her foot surgery.
A little bit later everyone else arrived including Baby G's big cousin, and because it was a beautiful day the first thing we did was...

 Head to the pool.  The initial shock eventually wore off and...
 Baby G started enjoying himself.
 Unfortunately, Mr. G sprayed water and it made this little guy not too happy.
 Baby G enjoyed having the water sprayed on him...
 He thought it was hilarious..
 But his big cousin was keeping his eye on Mr. G.

Two big boys enjoying the water.
 Baby G was trying to catch the water in his hands.
 And it didn't bother him too much when it didn't work.
 Instead he decided to just wear the bucket for a hat.
 I think this little guy was starting to get sleepy.

 Awww....that's more like it.
Baby G was waiting for his cake...
 He really enjoyed digging his fingers in it...
 And then throwing it around.
After the boys got cleaned up from the cake we came back inside and opened presents. 

 Looks like their first sword fight.

 Baby G enjoyed his 2nd 1st Birthday Party at Grandma and Papa's house.  It was a special day filled with lots of family fun.

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