Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Watching Tball

At the first tball game for my nieces last year Baby G was still sitting snugly in my belly.  Now...a year later while the game is going on he is.... all over the place.
 He enjoyed playing with his cousin putting sticks in the school bus.

 He caught up on a little reading...
It is amazing how that hungry caterpillar was able to eat so much food.
He entertained the guests...
He even found a pretty girl to talk to.
Baby G turned around laughing when she made this pose.
You can't really tell but Baby G is waving ' bye bye' in this picture.   Baby G has gotten really good at waving but I didn't expect him to wave 'bye bye' when the base runners would run from first second.  I guess it was a polite thing to do, though.
 Even though this niece enjoys talking during most of the game...
She did have some really good hits.
 And so did my other niece...
I took this picture just after she hit the ball over everyone's head.
 And here's my sweet nephew.  I babysit him during the school year so it has been weird not having this sweet smile around my house.

 I show this picture because it comes with a funny story.  The boy in the blue shirt and batting helmet is giving the ball back to his coach.  This was his first time up to bat and after he hit the ball he took off running to field his own ball.  And after wrestling a few members of the red team he finally got the ball and then politely handed it back to his coach.  It was pretty cute to see.
It was a great evening for Tball and a wonderful start to summer.

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