Thursday, June 28, 2012

Tball Fun

We have been blessed with the opportunity to watch my nieces play Tball this summer, and the last two games we were even able to see my nephew who is just 2 years old jump in and play too.
 This is his first time out in the field.
 Love this picture.
 And this one.  You can tell how proud my brother was and my nephew thought he was pretty hot stuff.
 Going after a ground ball.
 Taking care of her lil bro.
 How cute is this.
 All the kids sitting down waiting to bat.  And there's Baby G trying to use his baseball bat to hit the soccer ball.
 Batter up.
 What a pretty swing.  And in case your wondering...the ball is soaring through the infield.
 And after my nephew hit the ball he took off running....only he started running  towards the ball he just hit.  So you can see in this picture my brother trying to guide him toward first base.  And then once my nephew got to first base...
 He took off running back towards home.
 After the game Baby G enjoyed playing in the field...
 And my nephew practiced running the bases.
On the final night of tball Mr. G put together an amazing night for the kids filled with a jumping house, a dj, hotdogs, pizza, chips, soft drinks, and balloons....all for free.

 When the games were over I noticed Baby G making his way toward the tee.
 He would put the ball on the tee...
 And then swing.
 Put the ball back up on the tee.
 He seemed pleased with himself.

 Then my nephew came and started playing too.
Baby G had to learn the hard way not to stand too close to someone hitting the ball.  And my nephew got a lesson from a little boy on how to wear a helmet.
 We were surprisingly able to get the two boys to sit down for a quick picture...
We also got one of all the grandkids.
 And then even a family photo.
 After our short little photo shoot everyone started picking up.  Gampa had picked up a few flags and let Baby G play with them.
 And he absolutely loved playing with those flags.
 He was swinging them every which way.
 Silly boy.
 My niece enjoyed playing with the flags too.
 Baby G must've been feeling very patriotic.
It looks like he is ready for the Pledge of is almost Fourth of July.

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