Thursday, July 5, 2012


Last year on July 4th Baby G only saw fireworks through the window in the car so this year was basically his first time celebrating the Fourth of July with fireworks.  And lucky for Baby G we had 3 full nights of fireworks planned.
 I started to get worried on how Baby G was going to handle the fireworks when he started getting sleepy before it was even dark out.
 I thought maybe a Popsicle would help...
 And it did for a little bit.
 But he was still sleepy.
 Sitting with dad waiting for the fireworks.
 This was when he saw the first firework.  He handled it great.
 Then more and more started going off...
 And he was doing pretty good...a bit squirmy but definitely doable.
Mr. G caught a pretty cool video of the two of us watching some fireworks.  He was still doing pretty good at this point.

 You can notice his face is starting to change a bit.  It took only about 3 minutes before Baby G had enough of the loud noise and he started crying.  The only thing that would calm him down was if I would walk with
 We walked and walked and walked.  We went up and down this road occasionally stopping to look up.  I think we were all three happy when the fireworks were finally over.  On the walk back to the car Baby G kept patting me on the back as if to say...."Thanks for taking care of me, mom, when those loud things in the sky were attacking us."
A couple nights later we went to a family in our church's house for a Fourth of July parade and fireworks but the fireworks were canceled due to the dry weather and we left early because Baby G fell on his nose...AGAIN...and had a bloody nose.   

 But the next night we went to my brothers house and had a big dinner with the whole family and then headed out to the golf coarse to watch the fireworks.  We were farther away from the fireworks this time so I was hopeful that Baby G would do better.
 Before the fireworks Baby G enjoyed walking around in the grass.
 Except for his mom kept flashing a bright light in his eyes.
 And right now Baby G is trying to learn how to run....and this particular time he ended up flat on his back instead of his nose.

 My two boys!!!

 Unfortunately it was super hot so Baby G was trying to stay hydrated.
 Tried to get a quick picture of all the grandkids...but that was a chore.  Never got one of all them looking at me.
 Then the fireworks started and amazingly enough...Baby G did good.
 He watched probably half of them and then played with our fan and rolled around on me and Mr. G for the other half.  It was a wonderful evening.
After the fireworks we went back to my brothers house and gave the little boys a bath and put them in their p.j.'s.  And it didn't take long on the ride home before Baby G was out like a light.
Happy Independence Day!!!!

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