Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Hanging With The G Family

Mr. G's family lives up north and we don't get the chance to see them as often as we would like so we felt blessed to be able to see most of Mr. G's family over this last weekend.
 When we get together we like to take lots of pictures...especially since the two boys are constantly changing.  This is a great picture of the two little guys hanging with their Grandma.

 Baby G also got to play with Mr. G's cousin's little boy who is just 5 weeks younger than him.
Sharing blocks.

 Baby G's favorite part was probably the dogs.  He was constantly keeping his eye on them.
 His uncle showed him the big dog that was put up in the kennel.

 And boy....did Baby G love that dog.
 Apparently that dog was really funny because Baby G would just laugh and laugh.

 Baby G was watching as Papa built a tower with the blocks.

 Papa is really good at building it's just a matter of time before these two boys knock it down and by the looks of it....that is exactly what Baby G's cousin is gonna do.
 A little bit later all three boys found their way back to the dog only this time we had the sliding glass door shut.
Their hearts were broken.

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