Friday, July 20, 2012

Trip to Kansas

Baby G and I were blessed with the opportunity to travel to Kansas with my mom and dad to visit my brother and sister-in-law this last week.  
 After the 7 hour drive Baby G was excited to get out and play.  He especially enjoyed showing his aunt his favorite puzzle.
 Wondering what Baby G is sitting on?
 It's a tractor....but not just any tractor.
 It is a 1948 Allis Chalmer WD tractor....the same type of tractor my grandpa used to have and what my dad would drive when he was a little boy.  My brother bought it and is planning on restoring it.  My dad was in hog-heaven. 
 And my brother was excited to share it with him.
 This is Teaspoon.  Baby G loved playing with her during his stay at his aunt and uncles.....I had to snap this picture because she looked so cute curled up in the lawn chair fast asleep.
 One afternoon we took Baby G to a little zoo and park.
 I only caught a little bit of this donkey's "HeeHawing" on tape because it took me a while to get my camera on.  You can hear my family offer the donkey some organic water.  They were worried that because of the heat he wasn't getting enough water, but it seemed that all he really wanted was a little attention.  So we walked on over and....
 Said hello.
 Baby G saw many animals including an owl...
 A big black blob.....
 Actually, it was just a really tired bear.
 Some monkeys...
 There were actually a lot of monkeys and they all lived in this was pretty cool.
Turtles....and many other animals like a bald eagle, cougar, and much more.
 When we found shade we took advantage and had a break for a while.  It was really hot.
 There was a playground attached to the zoo and Baby G enjoyed playing in it.  He really enjoyed this little castle.
 This picture was taken on top of the castle and it's one of my favorites.
 Baby G really liked peaking out the window in the castle at his Gampa and Uncle sitting down below.
 I kept trying to get him to look at me and smile....but he was too busy.  This was the best I got.

 A little bit later he went over to check out what these kids were doing...and then he found his favorite thing....
 The swings.
After the zoo we then headed to go see the Little House on the Prairie.   

 Baby G was walking up to the main building when....
 He spotted....
 A little girl.
 They were so cute together and spent some time smiling at each other before....
 Baby G decided to walk away.
 This is the main building at the Little House on the Prairie and that is my brother and sister-in-law sitting in the rocking chairs.
 We headed on in to see what was inside.
 There were lots of amazing things...This was an actual letter written by Laura Ingalls Wilder to Mr. Olson back in 1946.

 Here's Nana and Baby G playing with one of the stuffed animals they had for sale.
 And before we left I decided to take a quick picture with Baby G on the front porch.
 Mr. G was unable to go on the trip because he had to this picture would be a lot better if he was in it too.
 Then we all walked around to see all the different buildings.
 This isn't the actual house but it is made to look like what the Ingall's house probably looked like and in the same location.  It was a lot smaller than it looks on TV.  There was just one bed and a few chairs.

 We did a lot of fun things on our trip but one of Baby G's favorites was going outside to see the cows.  And by the time the trip was over when we would ask Baby G about the cows he would say, "Mooooo."
On Sunday evening after church we had some friends come over to visit us from Arkansas and Baby G enjoyed playing with their lil boy a lot.
I would have more pictures for you but the day before we left Kansas Baby G and I both came down with a terrible flu.  We ended up taking Baby G to the ER for the first time at 3:30am the first night we got home because the poor guy couldn't stop throwing up.  Luckily they just had to give him some Zophran and he was able to go home.  Praise God we are both doing better and even though our trip to Kansas ended with the flu we still had an amazing time.

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