Sunday, January 30, 2011

Baby G is kicking

Now technically Baby G has been kicking for quite some time but I have not been able to feel it. Well, that has all changed.
Last night I was in Baby G's bedroom reading to him "Love you Forever" while I rocked in the rocker.
This used to be one of my favorite books when I was a kid. It is a touching story of love between a mother and son and I actually got tears in my eyes as I read it to Baby G last night.

I finally got to the last page of the book still with tears in my eyes and read the famous words again, 'I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always, As long as I'm living my baby you'll be."

And right at that moment - BOOM! I felt a large kick. I was frozen in shock at what had just happened. I almost didn't believe it was true so I sat there for a few seconds and then I felt two more little kicks. Then I yelled for Mr. G to come quick.

Mr. G ran into Baby G's room and I told him to put his hand on my tummy because Baby G was kicking. We sat that way for a while. I had felt a few more little kicks but nothing hard enough for Mr. G to feel it. Then I told Mr. G to talk to him. So Mr. G said, "Kick daddy, Baby G. Come on. You can do it. Kick daddy."

And then - BOOM! We both felt the largest kick. Our eyes got real big and tears started to form as we looked at each other. I said, "That's Baby G."

It was one of the most amazing moments of my life. I had been waiting for so long to be able to feel this lil guy inside of me and I must say that it was worth the wait.

Let Praise be to God for the wonderful miracle He has created inside of me. We are so blessed.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Baby G

Have you ever been completely awestruck at how good God is?

Ever since I found out I was pregnant I have been so thankful for the lil one that God has been creating inside of me. I have been amazed at how good God is for allowing Mr. G and I to have such a special gift, but when I actually got to see the face of our baby I could do nothing but cry in awe of my Lord. Our lil one has been hand-crafted by the Maker of the Universe and I can't help but be humbled.

God is Amazing!!!

The question is....What did God bless us with? A girl or a boy?

Well...after careful examination we found out we are having.... a BOY!!!

There is no doubt about it for our lil boy was not bashful. In fact, it was comical how much he wanted us to see that he is indeed all boy!! See for yourself...but I must warn you that it is very graphic!!

We were able to see all of his facial features up close and I honestly can't get that lil image out of my head. He is as long as a banana and weighs 12oz. He was moving around a lot kicking my bladder and rubbing his eyes. Eventually our hooting and hollering got the best of him because then he rolled over and layed on his belly hiding his face.

To top it all off we found out that our lil boy is completely healthy! All of his organs looked good and he has no signs of any disabilities. Even though he has 20 weeks left to go he already looks really strong. His arms and legs are absolutely amazing.

It might be because I am his momma but I think I see some calf muscles already!!

He was very active and even though I would see him kick me I never felt it. The doctor informed me that my placenta is on the front of my uterus acting as a cushion. They believe I will start to feel movement at any time but the reason I haven't yet probably is because of the location of my placenta. I guess it will be nice to have that bit of cushion but I sure would like to feel my lil boy kick. The nurse believes that I probably have felt the baby but just didn't know what I was feeling.

So there you have it. A nice healthy baby boy!!! He will be joining us in around 20 weeks so until then I will be dreaming about the sweet lil face of my baby boy!!!

One last thing before I go. I thought I would share with you the exact moment of when we found out that we were having a boy. Lucky for us Mr. G had turned on his camera at the perfect time. Let me first explain that the ultrasound technician was having us look at his feet and how much he was kicking so everybody's eyes were focused on his feet. The the technician says, "Do you see what I see?" And that's where the video starts. Hope you enjoy and again it is very graphic.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Classroom Vote

I chose to wait and tell my students at school that I was pregnant until I was about 14 weeks along, but ever since then I have been getting questions like crazy.

"Does your husband know?"
"When are you due?"
"Have you told your husband yet?"
"How far along are you?"
"What will your husband say when he finds out?"

For some reason my students thought that I would tell my class before I told my husband. They were shocked to hear that I told Mr. G 10 weeks ago. The shock then turned to anger and hurt feelings that I didn't tell them sooner. They are so funny.

Another question I heard a lot was, "Is it a boy or a girl." Well, that is a question I wished I could answer but I couldn't because I wouldn't find out the gender until January 18. However, I thought I could use that question to get the kids involved in the pregnancy a little bit. I gave each student the chance to vote on whether they think the baby will be a boy or a girl. They had to write their name down in either the boy column or the girl column and color in the block across from their name either blue or pink depending on which column they chose.

The first vote was for a girl but after that the boys had the lead the rest of the way. I was amazed at how confident my student's were at what the gender was going to be. If they voted for a girl they would inform me that they know for a FACT I am having a girl. It was the same with the boy voters. How can they be so confident and yet I have absolutely no idea what I am having? Maybe I should just listen to my students and believe I am having a baby boy.

During the first 10 weeks or so I thought I would never make it to this point. I couldn't even imagine being 20 weeks a long and having the chance to see if our lil one is a boy or girl, but now we are only 1 day away from finding out.

The next 24 hours are going to feel like forever!!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Isn't it amazing how as a little girl I had no idea what cancer was. I was very blessed that way as many children unfortunately have to deal with cancer every day. It wasn't until my grandma was diagnosed with colon cancer when I was in high school that I really began to understand what cancer is. My grandma won her battle against cancer, but it has been almost two years since my grandpa lost against lung cancer.
Now it seems like cancer is everywhere. At work I have many co-workers who are either dealing with cancer themselves or have loved ones fighting cancer. It is a horrible disease that can affect any part of the body and can hurt so many people.

I remember watching the movie "Twister" and hearing one of the actresses talk about how she has seen a tornado destroy one house and then completely miss the next. It doesn't make any sense. It seems like cancer is the same way, and my question is why does it keep choosing my mom?

Yesterday my mom found out the news again that her cancer has returned. I was with her when the doctor called and I was again amazed at her strength. I watched in hope while she answered the phone but I knew within a few seconds that again the prognosis wasn't good. She asked the doctor many questions. For example, "What are we going to do if the cancer keeps returning this quickly," "What kind of tests are we going to have to run this time," and the last question that killed me to hear, "Is there something that I am doing wrong?"

I knew the answer to that question and I hated that my mom had to ask it. Of course, the doctor assured her that she is doing nothing wrong, and he doesn't know why this keeps happening to her. I know that my mom has done nothing to deserve cancer. She has been the best Christian example to me and has been my role model since I was a little girl. Her life motto is, "Always do the right thing and the polite thing," and by-golly she always has. So why is it that cancer has chosen to invade her life?

As my mom hung up the phone I saw exhaustion in her eyes but it lasted only a second. She knew that she had another battle to face ahead of her and she is only human to first be down about it. After that brief second of weakness my mom simply said, "Well sweetie, we need to start praying again." And just like that my mom was ready for battle.

You hear many different theories about why bad things happen to good people. You hear that God allows bad things to happen so that our faith can be tested. You hear it's the devil trying to bring us down. Some people say it is proof that there is no God.

Mr. G and I were reading in Ecclesiastes last night about how everything is meaningless. It didn't matter what King Solomon did in his life he always realized at the end that it was meaningless. Then he said in Ecclesiastes chapter 3 at the end that the best thing to do is just enjoy your life. No matter what you do, no matter what you go through, if you can enjoy your life then your life will no longer be meaningless.

So you ask why bad things happen to good people? Well, my mom isn't just a good person, she is a great person and again something bad has happened to her. But why her? I know for a fact that many people have been encouraged by my mom through out her many battles with cancer. I have seen people amazed at her strength and her faith. My mom has done exactly what King Solomon said to do because even though she has cancer again she still has a smile on her face. She still enjoys each day and laughs often. She still looks forward to each day and will encourage and uplift others. I know that before my mom had to deal with cancer it didn't mean as much to others to always see her happy because she seemed to have the perfect life anyway. Now they see that despite what the devil throws at her she will be happy because she has God in her life and that is when people's lives are changed.

It is not easy to go through hard times. In fact, it is no fun at all, but it is in those hard times that you can make the biggest difference. I still hate cancer and I hate that it has once again affected my mom and my family. I sometimes still want to ask the question, "Why her," but lucky for me, my mom has already answered that question.

Just last night my mom said to me, "Why not me? Cancer is in the world and always will be. Who am I to say that I am too good to deal with cancer? Who am I to say that I am unwilling to take on this battle for Christ? God loves me just as much as he loves everybody else so why not me?"

All I can say is thank you, God, for a mom who loves You that much!!!