Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Baby G

Have you ever been completely awestruck at how good God is?

Ever since I found out I was pregnant I have been so thankful for the lil one that God has been creating inside of me. I have been amazed at how good God is for allowing Mr. G and I to have such a special gift, but when I actually got to see the face of our baby I could do nothing but cry in awe of my Lord. Our lil one has been hand-crafted by the Maker of the Universe and I can't help but be humbled.

God is Amazing!!!

The question is....What did God bless us with? A girl or a boy?

Well...after careful examination we found out we are having.... a BOY!!!

There is no doubt about it for our lil boy was not bashful. In fact, it was comical how much he wanted us to see that he is indeed all boy!! See for yourself...but I must warn you that it is very graphic!!

We were able to see all of his facial features up close and I honestly can't get that lil image out of my head. He is as long as a banana and weighs 12oz. He was moving around a lot kicking my bladder and rubbing his eyes. Eventually our hooting and hollering got the best of him because then he rolled over and layed on his belly hiding his face.

To top it all off we found out that our lil boy is completely healthy! All of his organs looked good and he has no signs of any disabilities. Even though he has 20 weeks left to go he already looks really strong. His arms and legs are absolutely amazing.

It might be because I am his momma but I think I see some calf muscles already!!

He was very active and even though I would see him kick me I never felt it. The doctor informed me that my placenta is on the front of my uterus acting as a cushion. They believe I will start to feel movement at any time but the reason I haven't yet probably is because of the location of my placenta. I guess it will be nice to have that bit of cushion but I sure would like to feel my lil boy kick. The nurse believes that I probably have felt the baby but just didn't know what I was feeling.

So there you have it. A nice healthy baby boy!!! He will be joining us in around 20 weeks so until then I will be dreaming about the sweet lil face of my baby boy!!!

One last thing before I go. I thought I would share with you the exact moment of when we found out that we were having a boy. Lucky for us Mr. G had turned on his camera at the perfect time. Let me first explain that the ultrasound technician was having us look at his feet and how much he was kicking so everybody's eyes were focused on his feet. The the technician says, "Do you see what I see?" And that's where the video starts. Hope you enjoy and again it is very graphic.

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