Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Banana Pudding

 For our mid-morning snack today we decided to make our own banana pudding. 
 The boys were definitely game.

They each got some vanilla wafers, vanilla pudding cup, whipped cream, and a banana (not shown)
First thing they had to do was put some vanilla wafers in the bottom of their cup.  Look at those gorgeous blue eyes.
That's one way to get the cookies into the cup.
After a quick clean up Bubby G wanted to show off his cup too.
Next you spoon your vanilla pudding on top of the vanilla wafers.
I did not say that it is time to start eating your cookies....
He's not listening to me.
Next, the boys needed to cut up their banana.

Nice job!!!  I tried to tell him to turn his knife over....but he liked it better this way.
Well...Bubby G, that's one way to cut a banana.
My nephew is going to be 3 in May and does a pretty good job of cutting the banana...
Bubby G will be 2 in June and prefers stabbing his banana.
But he's getting the job done.  Even if it is in his own way.
Hey....wait a minute....I didn't say that it was time to start eating your banana.  Lil Stinker!!!
After they cut up their banana then they needed to put it on top of their vanilla pudding in their cup.
Now we're getting some small pieces of banana cut up. It looks like he gave up on the big piece of banana and just went ahead and stuck it in his cup anyway.
Next, the boys needed to get their whipped cream and....
Put it on top of their banana.
He's got his tongue sticking out from the deep concentration.
Bubby G was concentrating hard too.  Gotta get the whipped cream just right.
And finally the banana pudding was ready to eat.  My nephew was being cautious and took a very small bite at first to make sure it was good.
Bubby G...well....the picture says it all.
I guess the pudding passed his taste test cuz he is definitely digging in now.
A lady from our church gave us this idea and I think it was a hit.  I'll have to look up more ideas on ways the boys can make their own snacks.  This was fun.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Hanging with Friends

We were really excited when we got the invite to come over and play.
There is nothing like hanging with friends.
Just think...in 15 years these boys are gonna be in a real truck cruisin the town making me one very nervous Mama.
But for now they are toddlers trying to cram into a power wheels pick-up-truck holding their sippy cup and yelling 'Cheese.'  I can handle that.
After the truck ride we headed over to their new trampoline.
The boys spent just as much time on their feet....
As they did on their knees.  But they had a blast, and they both also took very good naps for me.
After the trampoline we went down the slide, swang on their swing, and played in their sandbox before....
Heading off on the trail through the woods.
The first stop on the trail was a lil creek....
Where they would pick up rocks and throw them into the water.  It was a wonder nobody got whacked in the head with a rock.  God was definitely with us.
Back on the trail again.
Stopping to smile for mommy.
Next stop...another creek.
Used again to throw rocks. 
Stopping to get a picture of all four kids.  Absolutely amazing that we got them all to sit their together.  Pretty stinkin' cute if you ask me.
Then we headed back to the house to play a lil basketball....
And do bubbles.  At this age bubbles are about the greatest thing in the whole world.
Just ask this cutie...
Or this one.

 The kids tried to do the bubbles on their own but weren't having much luck in the actual bubble making process...In fact, I think they were ending up with more soap in their mouth than bubbles in the air...
So we decided to help out.  Even if you can't make bubbles...chasing after them is the next best thing.
We had a blast at our friend's house and look forward to a long summer of playing at their house.  Did I mention that the boys took an extra long nap for me? 

Monday, April 22, 2013

Sissy G

 I have finally decided the blog name for my lil girl...."Sissy G" and that would then turn Baby G into "Bubby G."  It's funny because I run into a lot of people who see our son and forget his real name and just want to call him Baby G.  Hopefully Bubby G won't be too different for them.  Although I have a feeling to some people he will always be Baby G.
We were blessed to have a 4D ultrasound this last week of our lil girl.  I have been looking forward to it so much.  I have heard that a 29 week ultrasound is the perfect time to see what your lil one is going to look like.  I will say that we were all a little surprised at how big she was....we actually saw a double chin.  The ultrasound lady even mentioned that she looks half grown.  I'm not sure how I feel about that.  But she was very active and VERY cute.  We got some good shots of her face early on but then she had enough and started arching her back so we couldn't see her anymore.  Before the ultrasound I was thankful for the next 11 weeks to be able to get things done but once I saw her I wanted those 11 weeks to go away because the thought of waiting that long to hold her in my arms was terrible.

Pretty sure that's a dimple on her cheek.  She has that in common with her big brother. 
I have no more ultrasounds planned for the rest of the pregnancy so the next time we see this precious face will be in the delivery room. 
My heart is so full of love for my two precious babies. Thank you, Lord!!!!

Mitchell Museum

 This last Saturday Baby G and I went to the Mitchell Museum where they were having events for kids.  We met up with some friends and right away went to stand in line to ride the train.

We had no idea that the wait would be an hour.
But Baby G handled it like a trooper.
 Here are Baby G's friends that we were hanging with for the day.
We finally made it to the front of the line and were ready for our turn on the train.
Baby G waited as patiently as he could for his turn.
 Finally found our seats on the train....
And Baby G started in on yelling out, "Choo Choo"....and " All Aboard"  and " This is the Polar Express." 
We had a blast!!!
 They gave us a paper filled with things to look for.....Baby G was studying hard.

Baby G started off telling me all the animals he was gonna look for.  Apparently he thought cows and ducks lived at the Mitchell Museum. 
Sticking his tongue out taking in all the sites.
After the train ride we went into the museum and the kids each made a book and then we headed outside to fly kites.  Baby G was watching and learning.
Watching his friend fly the kite.

Then it was Baby G's turn.  I wasn't sure how he would do.  There wasn't much wind so he was gonna have to run pretty fast in order to get the kite up in the air, but he did a great job. You can see on his way back he stops to tell the lil girl that was with us to look up at the kite he was flying....which, of course, made the kite fall straight to the ground.  That's what he gets for trying to show off for a girl.
 Nothing like climbing on a lil art before we go.
We had a blast at the Mitchell Museum and look forward to the events next year.