Monday, April 29, 2013

Hanging with Friends

We were really excited when we got the invite to come over and play.
There is nothing like hanging with friends.
Just 15 years these boys are gonna be in a real truck cruisin the town making me one very nervous Mama.
But for now they are toddlers trying to cram into a power wheels pick-up-truck holding their sippy cup and yelling 'Cheese.'  I can handle that.
After the truck ride we headed over to their new trampoline.
The boys spent just as much time on their feet....
As they did on their knees.  But they had a blast, and they both also took very good naps for me.
After the trampoline we went down the slide, swang on their swing, and played in their sandbox before....
Heading off on the trail through the woods.
The first stop on the trail was a lil creek....
Where they would pick up rocks and throw them into the water.  It was a wonder nobody got whacked in the head with a rock.  God was definitely with us.
Back on the trail again.
Stopping to smile for mommy.
Next stop...another creek.
Used again to throw rocks. 
Stopping to get a picture of all four kids.  Absolutely amazing that we got them all to sit their together.  Pretty stinkin' cute if you ask me.
Then we headed back to the house to play a lil basketball....
And do bubbles.  At this age bubbles are about the greatest thing in the whole world.
Just ask this cutie...
Or this one.

 The kids tried to do the bubbles on their own but weren't having much luck in the actual bubble making process...In fact, I think they were ending up with more soap in their mouth than bubbles in the air...
So we decided to help out.  Even if you can't make bubbles...chasing after them is the next best thing.
We had a blast at our friend's house and look forward to a long summer of playing at their house.  Did I mention that the boys took an extra long nap for me? 

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