Thursday, February 28, 2013

Weekend Basketball Game

This past weekend Mr. G, Baby G, and I headed down to Jonesboro, Arkansas to Arkansas State University to watch an old player of mine play basketball.  It was going to be a whirl-wind trip with about a 4 hour drive there to watch the game and then another 4 hour trip back.  But this young lady is worth it. 
 When we first walked into the gym the first thing we saw was the mascot which sent Baby G clinging to his daddy.
 We tried to get a lil closer for a picture but Baby G still wasn't liking this big red dog very much.

 Eventually the mascot was able to get a high-five out of Baby G, but Baby G wasn't too thrilled about it.
 Then we found our seats and sat down to watch the game.
 Well...Mr. G and I watched the game.  Baby G kept his eye on that big red dog.  If you notice in the background of the picture is the mascot walking around and Baby G had his eyes glued on him.
 Then Baby G found his own seat and watched the mascot from there.
 After the big win the arena had some music playing and Baby G just couldn't contain his dance moves.
When Baby G was done dancing we went down to visit with the sweet girl we came to see play.  I think she was very thankful that we came and we were glad we made the trip too.  Looking forward to seeing her play again.

Friday, February 22, 2013

A Very Cold Night

Yesterday during the day we got hit with a ice/snow storm.  As the day went on schools were cancelled and even the YMCA where Mr. G works closed early.  Baby G and I were safe and sound at home waiting for Mr. G to come.  We wanted to have a nice warm meal ready for him when he got home.

And I had an eager lil boy to help me.  After putting our heads together we decided to make daddy a homemade pizza and breadsticks.
First we had to make the dough.  As I put ingredients into my bowl I also threw some into a lil bowl for Baby G. 
I had to tell Baby G not to eat the flour.  Here he is showing me his face with proof that he had been eating his ingredients.  Cracks me up that he won't eat things like french fries but he will eat plain flour.  Silly boy.
Then we added some water to make it even more fun.  He did a good job stirring it.
Uh-Oh!  Timeout from stirring....Baby G's sock fell off.  He's trying to put his sock back on but it was too hard for him.
Time to ask Mama for help.  This is his saying "Please" face.
Back to work.  Time to knead the dough.
Baby G loved getting his hands dirty.
Nobody's happier than a messy lil boy.  Now it's time to get cleaned up.
 Heading to go wash his hands.
Good job, Baby G.
That dough is hard to get off.
Now that Baby G is clean it's time to play with Marley.
Looks like we got a tug-of-war on our hands with that pesky sock that keeps falling off.
Once Baby G tired out he decided to lay on the couch and watch "Air Buddies" (One of his new favorite movies)
I think Daddy was pleased with the warm dinner Baby G and I had made for him.  Best of all, it sure was nice to have us all home safe and sound.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Morning Dancing

This morning we turned on some music on the tv and I had a couple lil boys who took that opportunity to show off their dance skills.
 We listened to songs like....The Itsy Bitsy Spider, Wheels on the Bus, O Susannah, Old McDonald Had a Farm, etc.  These boys danced all around spinning in circles, jumping, and playing air guitar.
 They had a blast!
 Showing off his dance moves.
 "Bad to the Bone" is right!!  Just like his shirt says.

 And, of course, some of the dancing ended in a pile up on the floor.

 More dancing....
 More laughing...
 And more wipe outs.

Did I mention a lot of wipe outs?
 Well.... Why not watch it for yourself?

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Cheese Please!

I was just finishing up making supper and Baby G was antsy to get seated at the dinner table to start eating.  I had already set the table so I sat Baby G up in his chair and told him supper would be ready soon.  Well, apparently Baby G didn't need to wait for me and daddy or the food because he saw exactly what he wanted already out on the table.
He put all the cheese slices from the table onto his plate and then took his fork to try and eat his first piece of cheese. 
He was not very happy when he realized the fork wasn't going to work.  Which I find funny because most of the time while eating he likes to just use his hands and shovel the food in.
He then realized it would maybe help to try and take the plastic off of the cheese.  But when he couldn't get the plastic off....
He went ahead and tried to eat it anyway.  What a goofball.  Luckily, dinner was ready a few minutes later and he was able to eat a plastic free meal....including a Caesar chicken sandwich, green beans, and 1 slice of cheese.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Random Pictures

 This picture was obviously taken after supper since you can still see a yellow stain around Baby G's mouth.  We had sat down to go through some lil girl clothes that evening that someone gave us and Baby G took a liking to one of his sissy's hats.

 This boy absolutely loves oven mitts.  Actually he loves any kind of gloves but especially my oven mitts.
 Baby G decided to pick out his own night time snack.  He comes walking down the hallway holding the bowl with a can of diced tomatoes in it and a can of baked beans.  The bowl ended up on his head when he realized he couldn't get the food out of the cans.
 Baby G loves climbing behind our couch to play on the window seat but this particular day he fell off the window seat and landed on his head.  I gave him an icepack to put on his head.
And he used it....too bad he was putting the ice pack on the wrong side of his head.

My nephew and Baby G hard at work getting their school work done for the day.
After their school work we sat down to watch Mickey Mouse and I was able to steal a quick photo of the two cuties.
 Stopped playing for a minute to watch the trains on tv.
What an ornery smile.
Enjoying some afternoon reading.

Course the reading was short lived once he had his mind on the "Woo Woo's" (aka: Trians) and "Balls."  At least he knew where to go to find them.
Well.....not the most organized blog ever but it got the job done.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Saturday Morning

"This is the day that the Lord hath made.  Let us rejoice and be glad in it!!!" I have always loved that scripture and I try to remember it everyday, but somehow it is always easier to remember it on Saturdays.  Especially Saturday mornings.
I love that Baby G always wakes up happy. The picture might be blurry but I love how he was cheesin.
 I didn't do a single thing to the house this Saturday morning.  Instead Baby G and I played all morning long.  We even played in mommy's big pot.
 Silly boy.
 We played on our grill.
"See here, KitCat, this is the part of the grill that is hot."
Nothing like chugging down a bottle of pretend ketchup.
Then we moved on to the workbench.
We weren't the only one's playing though.

Who would've thought a lil stuffed fox would be so much fun?
I think this next Saturday morning I will skip the housework again.  It's just so much more fun playing with Baby G.