Friday, February 15, 2013

Random Pictures

 This picture was obviously taken after supper since you can still see a yellow stain around Baby G's mouth.  We had sat down to go through some lil girl clothes that evening that someone gave us and Baby G took a liking to one of his sissy's hats.

 This boy absolutely loves oven mitts.  Actually he loves any kind of gloves but especially my oven mitts.
 Baby G decided to pick out his own night time snack.  He comes walking down the hallway holding the bowl with a can of diced tomatoes in it and a can of baked beans.  The bowl ended up on his head when he realized he couldn't get the food out of the cans.
 Baby G loves climbing behind our couch to play on the window seat but this particular day he fell off the window seat and landed on his head.  I gave him an icepack to put on his head.
And he used it....too bad he was putting the ice pack on the wrong side of his head.

My nephew and Baby G hard at work getting their school work done for the day.
After their school work we sat down to watch Mickey Mouse and I was able to steal a quick photo of the two cuties.
 Stopped playing for a minute to watch the trains on tv.
What an ornery smile.
Enjoying some afternoon reading.

Course the reading was short lived once he had his mind on the "Woo Woo's" (aka: Trians) and "Balls."  At least he knew where to go to find them.
Well.....not the most organized blog ever but it got the job done.

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