Friday, February 22, 2013

A Very Cold Night

Yesterday during the day we got hit with a ice/snow storm.  As the day went on schools were cancelled and even the YMCA where Mr. G works closed early.  Baby G and I were safe and sound at home waiting for Mr. G to come.  We wanted to have a nice warm meal ready for him when he got home.

And I had an eager lil boy to help me.  After putting our heads together we decided to make daddy a homemade pizza and breadsticks.
First we had to make the dough.  As I put ingredients into my bowl I also threw some into a lil bowl for Baby G. 
I had to tell Baby G not to eat the flour.  Here he is showing me his face with proof that he had been eating his ingredients.  Cracks me up that he won't eat things like french fries but he will eat plain flour.  Silly boy.
Then we added some water to make it even more fun.  He did a good job stirring it.
Uh-Oh!  Timeout from stirring....Baby G's sock fell off.  He's trying to put his sock back on but it was too hard for him.
Time to ask Mama for help.  This is his saying "Please" face.
Back to work.  Time to knead the dough.
Baby G loved getting his hands dirty.
Nobody's happier than a messy lil boy.  Now it's time to get cleaned up.
 Heading to go wash his hands.
Good job, Baby G.
That dough is hard to get off.
Now that Baby G is clean it's time to play with Marley.
Looks like we got a tug-of-war on our hands with that pesky sock that keeps falling off.
Once Baby G tired out he decided to lay on the couch and watch "Air Buddies" (One of his new favorite movies)
I think Daddy was pleased with the warm dinner Baby G and I had made for him.  Best of all, it sure was nice to have us all home safe and sound.

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