Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Operation Blue Eyes

Anybody wondering what in the world I mean by 'Operation Blue Eyes?'  Let me explain....  Baby G has been enjoying his pacifier for the past 95 weeks and with it being spring break I thought it would be a good time to break Baby G from his pacifier.  And if you have been around Baby G for very long at all you quickly learn that Baby G's pet name for his pacifier is 'Blue Eyes.'  Hints the title name:  Operation Blue Eyes.  Whew....that was difficult to explain.  That's what I get for trying to be creative with my title. 

I had thought a lot about how I was going to break Baby G from his Blue Eyes.  My final decision was to lie to my lil man. heard me right.  I decided to lie.  Reason being....I didn't have the heart to just take it away from him since he loved it so much and I also didn't want him to think it was my fault that he can't have it.  I ended up cutting the tip of each of his Blue Eyes without him seeing me.  Then when he asked for his blue eyes I gave it to him...

This was his reaction to his cut up Blue Eyes.  Poor guy.
And of course I put the blame on the dog.  We were watching my folks' dogs the past few days so I decided to tell Baby G that it was Yogi who must've ate his blue eyes.  Baby G walked around saying, "No, No Yogi."
My biggest worry was nap time and bed time. 
 When his first nap time came without Blue Eyes it took an hour to get him asleep but he eventually conked out.  Notice:  No Blue Eyes in the picture.
As the day progressed we enjoyed playing.  Baby G was giving his Easter Bunny a ride on his bike.  Notice:  there is no Blue Eyes in the picture.
We went to Kroger.  While we were getting some fish in the meat department a friend of the family who works there gave Baby G a meat department hat to wear and some stickers.  Baby G was pretty proud of his hat and wore it all around the store.  Notice:  No Blue Eyes in the picture.

The second day came and other than another hour to get Baby G to fall asleep for his nap the day went pretty good.  It was time to take back my mom and dad's dogs.  Mickey enjoyed sitting on Baby G's lap and looking out the window while we drove them home.  I think Baby G enjoyed it more.  Notice:  No Blue Eyes in the picture.
When I would look in my rear view mirror this is what I would see.  You can hardly see Baby G amongst the dogs....but Notice:  No Blue Eyes in the picture.
Baby G was excited when daddy got home from work.  This meant some wrestling and tickling time with daddy.  Notice:  No Blue Eyes in the picture.

 This picture was taken right as Baby G woke up this morning.  Guess it was too early for the flash.  Whoops.  But I was proud to say that Baby G made it through 2 whole days without his Blue Eyes.  I think we might officially be done with the pacifier.  Part of me is sad about it because it means the lil guy is growing up but I am so proud of how well he handled it.  He has been a real trooper and he has even forgiven Yogi for tearing up his Blue Eyes.
Here's to a pacifier free least until Sissy gets here.

Saturday, March 16, 2013


Even though the temperatures weren't quite as warm as the day before we decided to head out to my cousin's farm to let Baby G enjoy the animals.
 We had just gotten out of the car and Baby G was seeing the animals for the first time off in the distance.  He was SO excited.

Peeking over at the cows.

Then we headed over to get a closer look.

Off to see the chickens.

I think he likes the chickens.

I think he likes the cows, too.

Baby G has been working on his counting so let's use this time to practice counting how many cows come over to see Baby G.

1 cow....

2 cows....

3 cows...

After visiting with the cows for a bit my cousin told us they had some new pets that they wanted to show us.  Baby G took off running to see what these mysterious animals were.

Baby G was surprised at what he saw.

It was dinner time (Notice the pig with his head in the feed bin) so the pigs were running around excited about the food....Baby G enjoyed watching them but wanted to stand close to Gampa just to be on the safe side.

Jake was worried about Baby G so he came over to check on him....
And give him a big ole kiss on the face.

We've seen the cows, the chickens, the it's time to go see the bunny rabbits.

Baby G acted like an ole pro holding that bunny rabbit. 

Playing it cool like he's held a bunny a million times in his life.

Then we headed into the barn to check out the tractors....both big and small.
Baby G couldn't reach the peddles just yet so Daddy gave him a push from behind to get him going.

Everybody enjoyed visiting in the barn....but notice the lil guy on the right.  He was leaving the barn in search of the horses. 
There's the cows....but where's the horses?

After walking around the farm and realizing that there weren't any horses Baby G headed back toward the cows with Gampa and Jake.

By the time we left Baby G had the cows following him everywhere he went.
Knowing just how much my son loves animals and how much he enjoyed this trip to the farm I have a feeling we will be regulars at my cousin's farm this summer.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Baby G's Barn

I have been looking for months at toy barns for Baby G and finally last night I found one that I just knew he would love.  Baby G had the whole store cracking up as he rode around in his stroller holding this huge box of the barn.  By the time he got home he was asleep so first thing in the morning....

 Mr. G and I got the barn out for him to play with.  The plan was originally to get him a barn for his birthday in June then I decided to move it up to Easter.  Then, because I'm a softie, I decided to give it to him today.  I can't even tell you how much this kid loves barns and barn animals.

 He watched daddy use the screwdriver to put the batteries in so Baby G wanted to be like daddy and use the screwdriver too.
We spent forever playing with the barn this morning.
Baby G can tell you the name or the sound of just about any animal you can imagine.  Animals are his thing.

Baby G trying to get to the other side of the barn to see the 'cock-a-doodle-doo'....aka: rooster.

He was one happy boy!!!

After playing with the barn then Baby G took an interest in the box the barn came in.

He watched Kit Cat go through the box tunnel and he then had to too.
Now he's coming through the other way.
The joys of a simple box.

After spending time in the house playing we decided it had finally gotten warm enough outside to go out and play.  We first played out in our backyard but it didn't take long before Baby G wanted to go see the horses.  We are blessed to have neighbors that have a couple horses and they've told us to come over anytime to let Baby G see them.

I didn't get my phone out to take a video until we'd been there with the horses for a while.  When we first got there Baby G was yelling "Naaa" at the top of his lungs.... he just couldn't contain his excitement.  At this point he's mellowed out some but you can still see how much he enjoys seeing the horses.

Baby G enjoys giving love to the dogs that are there too.  I have a feeling we will be spending a lot of time around animals this summer. 

Friday, March 8, 2013

No Pants, No Shoes, No Problem

Gotta love hearing the back door slide open and going out to see your toddler standing in the middle of the yard in nothing but a t-shirt, diaper, and socks.
 I get him back up to the house and he starts waddling as if he all of a sudden realizes his feet are muddy.
 And boy were they muddy!!
 I get him cleaned up and back in side and the first thing he does is head back to the door.
Sorry buddy....we can go out to play but only if you put on pants, shoes, and coat. That's the rules... especially since it's only March 8.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Wasn't Supposed To Be Bath Time

The boys had been playing in the bathroom for a few minutes and I decided it would be a good idea to check in on what they were doing.  

This is what I found.  All of Baby G's bath toys, shampoos, body washes, and wash rags were all thrown into the tub.  I actually didn't mind it too much.  I thought at least the mess was in a contained place.  I told the boys not to get into the soaps and then I let them continue playing. 

 The next time I came in this is what I saw...... Guilty!!!
 With soap caked in his hair....
The lil stinkers!
 Apparently bath time is most fun with no water and all your clothes on.  But because of the soap in their hair....
We had to turn the pretend bath into a real bath.  Gotta love bath time at 10am.
 Silly face time.  I love that the craziest face they know is simply sticking their tongue out.

They seem to be enjoying this bath time as much as their pretend one.
 Then Baby G decided he wanted to be the one to wash his cousin.
 Not sure my nephew is liking this too much.

 Gotta get the face.
 Oh no!  Water in the eyes.
 I think my nephew is happier washing himself.
Watch out Baby G!  Now he's gonna wash your hair.
Uh Oh!  Got water in the eyes!
 The water logged face!  And a lil boy that feels bad in the background.

 I think Baby G likes it better when his cousin just washes his back.
My nephew wanted me to video tape him singing 'Old McDonald' but Baby G interrupted his song and after that things got a lil crazy!
Well....It wasn't supposed to be bath time but looks to me like it was a good time had by all.  Here's to two clean and happy lil boys.
Never mind!!!