Friday, March 1, 2013

Wasn't Supposed To Be Bath Time

The boys had been playing in the bathroom for a few minutes and I decided it would be a good idea to check in on what they were doing.  

This is what I found.  All of Baby G's bath toys, shampoos, body washes, and wash rags were all thrown into the tub.  I actually didn't mind it too much.  I thought at least the mess was in a contained place.  I told the boys not to get into the soaps and then I let them continue playing. 

 The next time I came in this is what I saw...... Guilty!!!
 With soap caked in his hair....
The lil stinkers!
 Apparently bath time is most fun with no water and all your clothes on.  But because of the soap in their hair....
We had to turn the pretend bath into a real bath.  Gotta love bath time at 10am.
 Silly face time.  I love that the craziest face they know is simply sticking their tongue out.

They seem to be enjoying this bath time as much as their pretend one.
 Then Baby G decided he wanted to be the one to wash his cousin.
 Not sure my nephew is liking this too much.

 Gotta get the face.
 Oh no!  Water in the eyes.
 I think my nephew is happier washing himself.
Watch out Baby G!  Now he's gonna wash your hair.
Uh Oh!  Got water in the eyes!
 The water logged face!  And a lil boy that feels bad in the background.

 I think Baby G likes it better when his cousin just washes his back.
My nephew wanted me to video tape him singing 'Old McDonald' but Baby G interrupted his song and after that things got a lil crazy!
Well....It wasn't supposed to be bath time but looks to me like it was a good time had by all.  Here's to two clean and happy lil boys.
Never mind!!!

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