Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Operation Blue Eyes

Anybody wondering what in the world I mean by 'Operation Blue Eyes?'  Let me explain....  Baby G has been enjoying his pacifier for the past 95 weeks and with it being spring break I thought it would be a good time to break Baby G from his pacifier.  And if you have been around Baby G for very long at all you quickly learn that Baby G's pet name for his pacifier is 'Blue Eyes.'  Hints the title name:  Operation Blue Eyes.  Whew....that was difficult to explain.  That's what I get for trying to be creative with my title. 

I had thought a lot about how I was going to break Baby G from his Blue Eyes.  My final decision was to lie to my lil man. heard me right.  I decided to lie.  Reason being....I didn't have the heart to just take it away from him since he loved it so much and I also didn't want him to think it was my fault that he can't have it.  I ended up cutting the tip of each of his Blue Eyes without him seeing me.  Then when he asked for his blue eyes I gave it to him...

This was his reaction to his cut up Blue Eyes.  Poor guy.
And of course I put the blame on the dog.  We were watching my folks' dogs the past few days so I decided to tell Baby G that it was Yogi who must've ate his blue eyes.  Baby G walked around saying, "No, No Yogi."
My biggest worry was nap time and bed time. 
 When his first nap time came without Blue Eyes it took an hour to get him asleep but he eventually conked out.  Notice:  No Blue Eyes in the picture.
As the day progressed we enjoyed playing.  Baby G was giving his Easter Bunny a ride on his bike.  Notice:  there is no Blue Eyes in the picture.
We went to Kroger.  While we were getting some fish in the meat department a friend of the family who works there gave Baby G a meat department hat to wear and some stickers.  Baby G was pretty proud of his hat and wore it all around the store.  Notice:  No Blue Eyes in the picture.

The second day came and other than another hour to get Baby G to fall asleep for his nap the day went pretty good.  It was time to take back my mom and dad's dogs.  Mickey enjoyed sitting on Baby G's lap and looking out the window while we drove them home.  I think Baby G enjoyed it more.  Notice:  No Blue Eyes in the picture.
When I would look in my rear view mirror this is what I would see.  You can hardly see Baby G amongst the dogs....but Notice:  No Blue Eyes in the picture.
Baby G was excited when daddy got home from work.  This meant some wrestling and tickling time with daddy.  Notice:  No Blue Eyes in the picture.

 This picture was taken right as Baby G woke up this morning.  Guess it was too early for the flash.  Whoops.  But I was proud to say that Baby G made it through 2 whole days without his Blue Eyes.  I think we might officially be done with the pacifier.  Part of me is sad about it because it means the lil guy is growing up but I am so proud of how well he handled it.  He has been a real trooper and he has even forgiven Yogi for tearing up his Blue Eyes.
Here's to a pacifier free least until Sissy gets here.

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