Saturday, March 16, 2013


Even though the temperatures weren't quite as warm as the day before we decided to head out to my cousin's farm to let Baby G enjoy the animals.
 We had just gotten out of the car and Baby G was seeing the animals for the first time off in the distance.  He was SO excited.

Peeking over at the cows.

Then we headed over to get a closer look.

Off to see the chickens.

I think he likes the chickens.

I think he likes the cows, too.

Baby G has been working on his counting so let's use this time to practice counting how many cows come over to see Baby G.

1 cow....

2 cows....

3 cows...

After visiting with the cows for a bit my cousin told us they had some new pets that they wanted to show us.  Baby G took off running to see what these mysterious animals were.

Baby G was surprised at what he saw.

It was dinner time (Notice the pig with his head in the feed bin) so the pigs were running around excited about the food....Baby G enjoyed watching them but wanted to stand close to Gampa just to be on the safe side.

Jake was worried about Baby G so he came over to check on him....
And give him a big ole kiss on the face.

We've seen the cows, the chickens, the it's time to go see the bunny rabbits.

Baby G acted like an ole pro holding that bunny rabbit. 

Playing it cool like he's held a bunny a million times in his life.

Then we headed into the barn to check out the tractors....both big and small.
Baby G couldn't reach the peddles just yet so Daddy gave him a push from behind to get him going.

Everybody enjoyed visiting in the barn....but notice the lil guy on the right.  He was leaving the barn in search of the horses. 
There's the cows....but where's the horses?

After walking around the farm and realizing that there weren't any horses Baby G headed back toward the cows with Gampa and Jake.

By the time we left Baby G had the cows following him everywhere he went.
Knowing just how much my son loves animals and how much he enjoyed this trip to the farm I have a feeling we will be regulars at my cousin's farm this summer.

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