Wednesday, July 13, 2016

VBS, Birthday Parties, & Haircuts

 Before bed one night Sissy grabbed my Bible and started "reading."  She has been doing this more and more and it does my heart good to see. 
 Little G with his pj's on and wanting to give Marley a walk.  I'm thankful that I have had the chance to get up early and walk every morning.  Sometimes it's just me and Marley but most times it's also Little G.  He gets up much earlier than the rest of the family and we will grab him his breakfast to-go and will put him in the stroller and get Marley on his leash and head out the door.  It's been a great start to my day and Little G and Marley seem to love that time too.
 Not too long ago I took all three kids to get their hair done by a friend of mine. 
 Bubby was ready to get his hair cut short and when he was done he loved the way his head felt.  He did a great job sitting still.
 Sissy was next.  She really didn't need her hair done but ever since I got my hair done a few weeks ago she has been talking about getting her hair cut.  We decided to get it just trimmed.  When my friend was done trimming Sissy's hair she asked if Sissy like it......Sissy said no.  She wanted it to look different than what she had so we asked if she wanted it curled and that seemed to make her happy.
While the curling iron heated up we had Little G get his hair cut.  You will notice that there are no pictures of Little G getting his hair done.  It was all hands on deck to get him to sit still and stay happy.  That boy has flipped a switch to turbo-speed lately and has me constantly running.  The haircut turned out adorable despite his constant moving.  My friend only needed one band-aide by the time it was over.
 The curling iron was hot and Sissy was ready.
 She loved every minute of it and when she was done she gave everyone this look that she was better than us.  It was funny at this age but definitely won't be as she gets older. 
 Look at that handsome fella with his new haircut.
 After their spiffy new hair styles we then headed to our third VBS of the year.  Bubby G and Sissy G were old enough to go to Little Grove Christian Church's VBS where my brother preaches.
 They got to wear some neat VBS shirts.
 Look at those adorable curls.
 Sissy with her class doing bubbles.
 Bubby and his cousin being goofy.
 Bubby's class.
 Someone shared these pictures with me....we obviously didn't know we were getting our picture taken.  We kind of look mad.  Eek. 
 Little G wanted in on all the action.  He seems to be growing up really fast.
 Hanging with his cousin.
 Sissy with her class.
 Pretty girl.
 Ice cream sandwiches.  I was told they ended up having to give Sissy a spoon because she was scooping the ice cream out of the middle with her finger.  Apparently she doesn't like the cookie part.
 Any time Little G hears or sees an airplane he instantly points up and says "Look, air-pane." 
 This was the first time I've ever seen him say "Cheese" when I took his picture.  Have I mentioned he is growing up way too fast?
 The older two wanted in the picture too.  This doesn't happen very often so I was glad they wanted to join in.
 Precious boy climbing on our fence in the front yard.
 Walking out of VBS the next night and Bubby insisted that he take care of Little G.  He said, "Don't worry, Mom, I can get Little G for you." 
 I was walking along thinking I wish I had my phone to snap a picture of them holding hands out to the van but luckily my brother had the same idea and got some cute pictures of them.  And, yes, that's me in the background with the baby belly.
 Sissy having a water fight at VBS the last night.
 Sissy with her class.
 The whole VBS on the last night.  Sissy and Bubby are in the front row and you can actually see Mr. G in the back doing his own lil photo bomb.
 Sissy's class again.
 Bubby's class.
 I see water guns and a Frisbee in the air so I'm not sure what game they were playing but it looks like fun.
 Sissy getting her teachers.
 Bubby playing soccer with his class.  Yes....the field was in a grave yard.
 Last Saturday we had a birthday party for one of Sissy's friends.  It was a princess party and then the birthday girl had an older brother who had pirate stuff for the older boys to play with while the little girls did princess stuff.  And it only makes sense for Sissy to want to be half princess and half pirate. 
 Little G loved his little eye-patch.
 All the princesses.
 Dinner time.  Little G even got in on the princess food. 
 The boys outside digging for their buried treasure.
 In their pirate ship.
 I was 24 weeks last Wednesday.  Baby G is becoming more and more active.  Last week I also saw my new doctor in town for the first time and I really liked her.  We had a little ultrasound done and the baby is looking great.  Head down right now and is growing like she should.  Praise God.
 Last Sunday we had another birthday party down in Marion for the kids' second cousin.  This lil boy's dad is a police man so the kids were excited to get a look in his squad car.  Bubby got to push the sirens and turn on the lights and talk into the walkee-talkee's. 
 Sissy even got to do the siren's.
But she was also a little shy about being in the police car. 
I'm currently in the process of figuring out all my homeschool curriculum.  It is just about a month away from school time.  I'm really excited about homeschooling but it has been overwhelming figuring out what curriculum I want to spend money on and incorporate in my children's education.  I hope to be blogging and showing all about what our days entail.  There will be a lot of trial and error but my goal right now is to show Bubby how much fun learning can be and to be an encouragement to him while he learns.  He's a pretty smart kid and is eager to learn so I have high hopes.  The hard part will most likely be finding a routine that works for us, organization, and finding things for all three kids to do during this time.  The best part of all is knowing that I'm doing exactly what God is calling me to do.  I'm not against public school or private school but I know with out a doubt that this is our calling for right now.  I have that peace that comes from being in God's will.  Until next time....

2016 Fourth of July

 Starting this post off a little on the sad side.  Little G fell and busted his face on our driveway.  I had been inside giving one of the kids a bath when I heard Little G crying.  I went to check on him and Mr. G was holding him.  I asked if he was okay honestly thinking he was probably just throwing a fit for not getting something he wanted.  Then Mr. G turned around and I saw blood all over his white shirt.  Mr. G immediately started reassuring me that Little G was okay but he had fallen on his face on the concrete.  I freaked.  There was sooooo much blood.  It was still shooting from his nose and I could tell his lip was cut but I didn't know how bad yet.
 Praise God that about 5-10 minutes later we were able to get the blood to stop and were able to see that he was in fact going to be okay.  But he sure did look pitiful.
 He ended up with a swollen and scratched up nose and a cut on his lip that turned to a blister.  It took over a week but he eventually healed up nicely.
 I got my hair highlighted and trimmed and Sissy wanted to get her hair done just like me.  Taking a selfie with my little mini-me.
 Goofy girl wearing her fake glasses and fake green hair.
 I have started making all my meals in advance and putting them in the freezer.  This has saved us so much money and time in the long run and the meals are good.  I'm definitely going to keep doing these freezer meals.  It will be a great thing to have for when Baby G comes.
 Sissy G getting her toenails painted by our neighbor.
 They were red and blue for the fourth of July.  Sissy was beyond excited about her pretty nails.
 Ornery smile.
 Conked out.
 Celebrated Gampa's birthday.... #60.
 Another conked out picture.  I love this sleeping baby.
 Ready for the Fourth of July.  Our cute lil Americans.
 We wanted to go to Irvington fireworks like we always do but it had been raining terribly all day.  We thought for sure the fireworks would be cancelled but just before 9pm the rain stopped and we were told the fireworks were still on.  None of our other family was going to be there so we decided to go but stay in the car and watch them from there.
 Bubby was still very excited. 
When the fireworks were almost over Sissy yelled out that she needed to poop.  Usually when she says she needs to poop it actually means she needs to pee so since we weren't anywhere near a restroom I took her out to the tree next to our car.  She had her nightgown on and quickly got in position to pee.
 Just then the big firework finale started and it was loud and bright.  Sissy stood there covering her ears and too scared to pee.  The fireworks finally ended but Sissy still hadn't peed and cars were started to leave to go home.  I tried to hurry her along but it turned out that when she said she needed to poop....she actually meant she needed to poop.  I quickly grabbed her up and put her underwear back on and said we need to find a bathroom.  She was screaming and I was trying to hurry but just as I put her back in her car seat...she pooped.  At that point I gave up and we drove home to clean her up there.  Not at all how I thought our fourth of July would go.
 The next morning was the fourth of July parade in town.  We are a part of a Tuesdays group where the week before we all made red, white, and blue tie-dye shirts to wear to the parade.  Even though they all turned out more pink and purple than red, white, and blue....the kids were still excited.
 Little G even got a shirt.  We were thankful Mr. G got the day off and could spend the day with us.
 All the kids waiting for the parade to start.
 Bubby waving at the parade as they pass by.
 Sissy waving.
 Then the candy started coming and all the kids were up and ready to get as much as they could.
 Sissy was a bit shy but was thankful for all the candy.
 Saying "hi"
 Picking out a sucker.
 Look who came down for the parade....
 It was Santa Claus.
 Candy candy candy
 Sissy was getting more comfortable running out in the street for candy.
 Enjoying his sucker.
 The kids were super pumped to see some animals in the parade.
 Comparing their candy stash.
 Little G is very big into waving at people.
 Later that day while Little G was sleeping I walked down to a playground with the older two.  This was their first time on a real teeter-totter.  They had a blast.
 Do you see who I see???  Nana and Gampa got some nice seats to a Cardinals game and made it on tv several times.
 That night we headed to our friends house for fireworks.  Just before it got dark the kids enjoyed running up and down the ditch.
 His face was looking much better at this point...just a little bit of a blister left.
 The people next to us were shooting off their own fireworks.
 The kids were amazed.
 And Little G wanted to touch them. 
 Getting glow sticks out to play with.
 They were all decked out.
 Watching the fireworks in mom's lap.
 We were sitting at a perfect spot.
 I think he was excited.
 Sitting with dad to watch fireworks.
 I think the kids watched maybe a minute worth of fireworks before running around and playing with their glow-sticks.
The drive home was pretty quiet as all three kiddos fell asleep.  It wasn't the Fourth of July that I was used to.  We really didn't enjoy the fireworks like usual but it was still fun and memorable.