Saturday, October 24, 2015

Punkin Patch 2015

 We got to go to a local punkin patch as part of the homeschool day.  It is exciting to get to be a part of homeschool events now that my kiddos are getting older.  Sissy was quick to pet the first animal she saw.
 My little cutie sitting on a pile of large punkins.
 This is Bubby's little piece of heaven....anything animal related.
 He was quick to tell everyone there that we have our own bunny at home now too.  So he knows ALL about bunny's.
 And #3 was perfectly content just chilling in his stroller as we walked around the punkin patch.
 It was a beautiful day.....look at the gorgeous blue sky in the background.
 Checking in on some more animals.
 When we first got to the punkin patch Bubby was being shy and didn't want to pet the chick....but after a bit of time to warm up he was ready to try again.
 Time to swing.
 These kids would swing all day if I let them.
 Time for each kid to pick out their punkin.
 They loved this part.
 Bubby leading us through the corn maze.
 Sissy following behind.  Bubby walked us straight into the corn maze, turned around, and walked straight out....he thought he had conquered the corn maze.  Works for me.
 My pretty girl.
 Little G is still happy.
 Muscle Man pulling our stash of punkins and mums.
 I couldn't stand it anymore....I had to get Little G out and take some pictures.  This is, in fact, his first fall.
 He was happy to oblige.
 Then I hear my mom yelling at me saying that Sissy is in the chicken coop. Photo shoot over....time to get Sissy out of the chicken coop.  Luckily she wasn't actually IN the chicken coop....she had just squeezed behind it.
 Back to our photo shoot.
 Wouldn't it be amazing if I could get a cute picture of all three kids in front of the fall decor smiling and looking at the camera .  Actually....what would be better is if I could get one kid eating dirt, one sticking his tongue out, and one screaming her head off.  Lucky for me....that's exactly what happened.  Picture perfect.
 At least I can get this guy to look at the camera and grin.
 So sweet.
 Standing like a big boy.
When we got home the kids wanted to play more outside....and so I quickly snapped one more picture of this little guy.  It was a wonderful day for the punkin patch.  Bring on fall... leaves changing, cooler weather, trick-or-treating, and campfires.  I feel blessed to live in a place that gets to experience all four seasons.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Fall Festival Activities

It was perfect weather for the fall festival in town and we were excited because there were lots of activities for the kids to do.  Bubby G was going to be in a superhero parade and Sissy G's tumbling class was going to perform for everyone.  It was a good chance to get the family together and have some fun.
Waiting for her turn to perform....just chilling with Nana and Boppy.
Great picture of these two.  Little G was all smiles as usual.
Bubby did such a good job in the superhero parade.  Mr. G asked him if he wanted him to walk with him and Bubby said, "No, I got this."  And he did.  He walked through the parade with a strong Superman presence.
He then walked up on stage and had to show one of his moves and without hesitation he kicked in the air with a loud GRRRRR.  We were so proud of the lil Superman.
Sissy sitting with Grandma watching her superhero brother.
Little G was watching with Papa.
It cracks me up how serious Bubby takes his Superman role.
|After the parade Bubby got a cupcake and a superhero gift bag.
Possibly one of his favorite days ever.
We had a little time before Sissy's performance so we enjoyed a little popcorn and took a potty break.
She was next up.  I asked her if she was ready.....this was the look she gave me.
Standing with her toddler tumbling friends.
Let's get ready to tumble.....
Backwards roll.
Cartwheel time...Arms up....
I was so proud of my little tumbler and little superhero.  What a fun day and what a fun experience.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Meet Bailey

Playing house with my sweatheart.  For a two-year-old, she has quite the imagination.  For example, just this morning I had to take her to the dr for pink-eye....And while we were waiting at the doctor's office back in the room, we played catch together with an imaginary ball.  We would throw high...and low.  We'd catch the ball two handed and one handed.  And let me tell you, she was good.....didn't drop the ball once.
There once was two dogs who lived across the street from my parents.  One was nice, and the other was mean.  Both were hungry because their owner could not afford to feed them.  The mean one, I could do nothing about....but the sweet 6 month old little girl, I was willing to take, and adopt, and love.  So introducing our new dog.....Bailey. (She's the one on the left)
So on Saturday, after Sissy's tumbling class..... I picked out her clothes, she picked out her shoes....then we headed to Walmart to pick up dog supplies and then over to get Bailey and bring her home.
We decided....due to the expense of buying a pen outside, that we would keep Bailey as an inside dog.
We aren't completely sure what kind of dog she is just yet.  Definitely a mix of things....but that leaves you wondering how big she is going to get.  She sure looks comfortable cuddled up with Mr. G.
She was wore out.
Her first night in her new home was interesting.  I had yet to fall asleep and as protocol I went around to check on each kiddo.  Of course, Sissy G was not in her bed, but at the foot of Bubby's bed.
And Bailey was asleep....actually, under our bed.  (Note: the nice comfortable dog bed we had bought her sitting unused in the corner)
But by midnight....after several incidences....Bailey became an outside dog.  We put her on an outdoor lead at midnight thinking she would be fine.  Woke up the next morning and she was by our back door wanting in.  She had slipped out of her collar.  The next night we tried putting her in our garage....and she once again managed to get out and was by our back door come morning.
Needless to her new $250 pen.  Not at all what Mr. G and I had in mind.  Looks like we won't be eating out for the rest of the year in order to make up for it.  But at least she is happy and safe and....
Every morning Bubby G wakes up and asks to go outside with Bailey.  He loves running around with her and playing with her.  I think they will be buddies for a very long time.  Sissy loves Bailey too, but gets a bit tired of Bailey knocking her over.  We are still working on the "staying down" and not jumping up training with Bailey.
Look at this lil bruiser conked out at Sunday dinner.
Sportin' his Cardinal bib in hopes of a Cards win vs. the Cubs in the playoffs. (Didn't work)
The kiddos working on crafts in the living room before bed.
Happy boy enjoying this beautiful fall weather.
You just never know where you will find Sissy G sleeping.  She goes 100 miles an hour and then will all of a sudden just drop.
This one was taken about 2am.  She must've gone to the couch at some point to do some light reading and ended up conking out.  I have a feeling this girl will always keep me on my toes, but I love her for it.