Sunday, October 4, 2015

Baby Smiles & More

 I can't get enough of this little guys smile.  His nickname should seriously be "Smiley" because he is all the time sharing his smile with us.  I am using this post to catch up on several "small" happenings over the past few weeks and through out the post you will get to see several baby smiles from this guy.
Yes!!  We have teeth.  Two bottom teeth popped through and so it is time to start brushing those teeth and gums.
The face says it all.  At least he didn't cry.
 The kiddos and I have been enjoying a homeschool co-op in our area where we get to meet with other homeschool families and do different projects and fun things together.  Sissy G was working on a worksheet.
 Bubby was cutting out some pieces for his worksheet.
 And Little G was sitting on the floor smiling.  Go figure.
 I got up in the middle of the night to feed the baby and I found Sissy G sound asleep sprawled out on the floor.  I decided not to move her since she was sleeping so good and went about feeding the baby and then went back to bed.  I woke up another three hours later to the feed the baby again and I couldn't find Sissy G anywhere.  She was no longer on Bubby's floor.  She wasn't in her room.  She wasn't on the couch.  I was about to yell out for Mr. G to get up because Sissy was missing when I found her....
 Sprawled out in the same position but at the foot of our bed.  I had been asleep in bed but didn't even realize she was there.  It's never a dull moment with this one.
 Time for a smile.
 Little G wants so badly to be mobile....but in all honesty...he has a lot of weight working against him.  I am thinking it will be a while before we see him crawling around the house.  Sissy G was trying to show him how to crawl and encouraging him to move.
Well....not exactly crawling but still very impressive.  Must be working on his core strength.
Smile time.
Here is another random smile.  I can't remember why he was posing like this.  But its cute.
 Now this looks more like crawling.  He was in this position for about a minute rocking back and forth.  It's the beginnings of crawling.
 One of my favorite pictures of two of my most favorite smiles.
Playing in the pretend kitchen.
 Taking time away from playing to smile for the camera.
 I knew she was too quiet in the back room.  Apparently, she had gotten into the Vaseline and put it all over her head and hair.  Did I mention never a dull moment?
Enjoying some table food.  He is getting too big too fast.
Big smile while jumping in his jumperoo.
 No, her hair is not's Vaselined.  I washed it probably 12x and I could not get that grease out.  Apparently Sissy G is going to be a greaser for a while.
 Which means wearing her hair in a bun and having a large headband.  This picture was taken after falling and busting her lip.
It truthfully wasn't too bad....but she enjoyed putting the ice pack on it.
Having fun at Crackerbarrel.  Dad must've missed the "goofy-face memo."
Much better.
 She's already embarrassed of her crazy family and she is only two.
 Little G was enjoying it.
 They are two peas in a pod.
 She finally decided to take a goofy picture too.
 One thing we have trained the kids to do ever since Little G was born is to hold hands when we are walking through a park lot.  It keeps them from running off and makes it easier on me since it's usually just me and three kids to watch.  It also makes for cute pictures.
After looking on the internet I saw where I should use dry ingredients to get Vaseline out of hair.  So I used baking soda to try and dry up the Vaseline.
She was THRILLED.  We also tried corn starch and lemon juice and washing, washing, washing.  Eventually....meaning weeks later, the greasiness was finally gone.
Life with three kids is never dull but I love every minute of it.  They are each a blessing in their own way and I love love love being their Mama.

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