Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Painting Punkins & Having Bonfires

The weather has started getting chillier but it hasn't stopped the kiddos from going outside.  These two still love their time on the swings....
And Little G loves his jumper.
Confession time.  I've been dumpster diving quite a bit lately.  This is something I found in the city dumpster recently.  I decided to sand it down....
Paint it....with a little help from Bubby G....
And then use it as our centerpiece on our dining room table.  The stencil part didn't turn out quite like I had hoped but I learned some things on how to do it better next time.  It was a fun....cheap....and rewarding project.
One of our FBS evenings.....the kiddos had to stand on the blanket and bowl the ball to hit the cups at the other end of the room.
We were learning about the wall of Jericho.
They are gluing different construction pieces to fill up their castle on their sheet.
Late night reading....Marley was conked out.
My smiley boy.
Time to paint punkins.  I had drew little pictures on each of the kids' punkins.  Sissy G wanted Olaf and Bubby G wanted Batman and Robin on his punkin.
And then the kiddos painted over it.
I thought it would be a bit less messy if I had Sissy paint with this kind of paint.
But when I told her to paint on the punkin and not the paper towel.....
She wasn't too happy.
Bubby was working very hard and was very serious about getting his punkin just right.
Goofy boy.
Sissy was then ready to "cheese" by her punkin too.
I went ahead and gave in and let Sissy use a paint brush....
She did a very good job.
Bubby did a great job too....you can't really see Batman and Robin anymore....but it still looks neat.
I love making memories with the kiddos.
Sissy noticed some green paint on her hands which of course meant.....
She was turning into Hulk.
My grandma asks me to paint her a punkin every year.  Last year I made her a ninja turtle punkin....this year we went with a cowboy.
After painting punkins we headed out to do a bonfire.
Sissy was amazed by the flames.  We were very worried that both kiddos didn't have a healthy fear of fire....we were having to constantly tell them to stay away from the flames.
We had hoped they would sit in the chairs and just watch the fire....
We were living in a dream world.  They wanted to run all around.
At least I knew this little guy was gonna stay put.
Cute picture of the two oldest kiddos and their daddy.  This is one of my favorite pictures.
As it got darker we had to cuddle up more.
Unfortunately, while Bubby was laying on the ground looking up at the stars, a spark flew up and landed on his neck and another one landed on his shirt.  It put a hole through his shirt and burned the skin on his neck.  Be careful what you wish for....he definitely now has a healthy fear of fire.  Just hate that he had to learn the hard way.
The kids decided they wanted to make something special for an elderly lady from our church who had fallen a few months ago and broken her hip.  She was now home and so the kids were making her a couple picture frames to put in her house.
The best part was them getting to go and deliver the gift to her.
We also decided to put up a tree swing for the kiddos.
They LOVE it.
This boy was in hog heaven.
Of course....Sissy couldn't be left out.  We didn't swing her quite as high in case she couldn't hold on....
But she absolutely loved it.  Her eyes would get real big and then when it was over she would giggle and giggle and giggle.
Thanks to a lady at church.....Little G got a new jumper for in the house.  He's a jumping-machine.
He's still not crawling...but that's just fine with me.  He's getting a little tummy time outside here....
He seems pretty happy about it.
Fall is here and the G house is loving it.  Every day is an adventure and every day is a blessing.

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