Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Little G's First Haircut

Even though he didn't have super long hair, I still thought it was time to trim up those long stray aways.  Little G has had a little bit different hair than the our other two.  The other two had dark, almost black hair....and lots of it.  Little G had blonde, and even strawberry blonde in some lighting and he didn't have quite as much.  But at 7 months old I thought it was time.  He seems pretty jazzed about it.
Big sister was excited too....just not about mom taking a picture.  She was pretending she was still asleep.
We had to wait our turn in the waiting area.  These two thought they were hot stuff.
It seriously doesn't matter where we are at or what we are doing....this little guy is going to be smiling.  And trust's contagious.
It's our turn and so Sissy took the hand of the barber and led us to the chair.
He is ready to go....cape and all.
Sissy was set with a bag full of play barber supplies.
Snip Snip Snip
Looking good bud.  As you can see....he had a lot more hair on the top of his head than he did on the sides and back.  Almost the comb over look.
But I suppose when you have a smile like that, you can style your hair any way you want.
He did such a good job.  Other than being a little wiggly at times, he did perfect.
Look down.
This is one of those wiggly moments where he was apparently trying to practice his back bend.
Sissy wanted to come check on him.  Awesome big sister.
Shape it up around the ears.
And we are set.  Looking good big boy!!!
To make things more exciting....we decided to blow out our tire on the way back from the barber.  We were heading back to go pick Bubby up from preschool and on the interstate I heard a loud bang and within a minute my tire was completely out of air.
Nothing like being stranded on the side of the interstate for 2 hours on the day of your first haircut.  Praise God the kids were really good for me and eventually a police man stopped as well as another guy.  Even though we had to wait for Mr. G to get there because the other two guys didn't know how to get the spare tire....we eventually got it done.  It just makes Little G's first haircut even more memorable.

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