Monday, October 5, 2015

Super Family 5K and Picnic

 Little Superman sleeping soundly in his crib getting ready for our big day.  Mr. G had a fun day planned for our family.  His work was putting on a huge outdoor event with bounce houses, games, food, and the whole day started off with a superhero themed 5K.  Which was then supposed to be followed by a kids fun run.  Since we had already bought the kids their costumes for Halloween we were set to go as the superman family.
Because of the timing of things we had to go to Sissy's tumbling class dressed in our outfits.  
 Little G tagged along too.
 Supergirl stretching
 Getting ready for a cartwheel.
We left tumbling a little early and got to the park just in time to wish daddy good luck for his race.
 And they are off.
 Check out the super kids I got to hang with while dad ran.
We went and wished dad luck about half way through his run.  Go super dad!
I also took this time to try and get a cute group photo.  This was the best I could get.  Granted only Little G was smiling but compared to....
 This one where Little G was about to fall face first onto the ground.
 Or this one where he was being squeezed to death.  I'd say that first one is definitely the winner.
 When dad crossed the finish line we were there to tell him how good he did.
 One of daddy's biggest fans.
 Family picture.
Then it was time for the Fun Bubby G was stretching to get ready.  Look at all those muscles that need stretching.
Apparently, Sissy had a different plan on getting ready for the race.
 Luckily, she only ate one.
I was so proud of this lil guy.  He ran his little heart out.
 I really thought that me and Little G and Sissy G would stay by the finish line to cheer on Bubby G.  But Sissy G had different plans.  She wanted to race.  As you can tell...right from the get go she was way behind the pack, but this determined little girl did not let that stop her.
She fell two times and got up crying and bleeding but kept going.  When we reached the halfway point she didn't understand the idea of turning around and going back so it took some convincing but she eventually started running again.  By the time the finish line was in sight, most people were walking out to their cars and the race people were packing up.....but Sissy kept running.  Slowly, people started to cheer her on and stopped walking to their car to watch her finish the race.
She was 15 feet from the finish line and stumbled and fell for the third time.  But once again she got up and ran through the finish line.
Yay, Sissy G!!!! You are proving to be a go-getter even at a young age.
I didn't get to see this boy finish the race because I was running alongside Sissy, but according to Mr. G, he did awesome.  He only stopped a few times to catch his breath and then took off running again.  So so proud of him.
Both kids received their first ever medal.
They wore those medals proudly.
Then we headed over to the bounce houses.  The kids enjoyed this slide probably the best.
They had a blast.  Everything about the day was perfect.
The kids taking a ride on the train.
Then we walked around letting the kids play games and while we walked I noticed that Little G was looking more and more tired.  
Then when we sat to eat he completely conked out.  He looked so cute and peaceful asleep on my chest.
It was only a catnap though and he was up and ready to go after lunch.
The kids took one more train ride....this time with dad....
Little G stayed back with me, giving me these goofy grins.  And then we all called it a day and headed home.  It was a fun, exciting day.  Lots of memories made.

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