Saturday, October 24, 2015

Punkin Patch 2015

 We got to go to a local punkin patch as part of the homeschool day.  It is exciting to get to be a part of homeschool events now that my kiddos are getting older.  Sissy was quick to pet the first animal she saw.
 My little cutie sitting on a pile of large punkins.
 This is Bubby's little piece of heaven....anything animal related.
 He was quick to tell everyone there that we have our own bunny at home now too.  So he knows ALL about bunny's.
 And #3 was perfectly content just chilling in his stroller as we walked around the punkin patch.
 It was a beautiful day.....look at the gorgeous blue sky in the background.
 Checking in on some more animals.
 When we first got to the punkin patch Bubby was being shy and didn't want to pet the chick....but after a bit of time to warm up he was ready to try again.
 Time to swing.
 These kids would swing all day if I let them.
 Time for each kid to pick out their punkin.
 They loved this part.
 Bubby leading us through the corn maze.
 Sissy following behind.  Bubby walked us straight into the corn maze, turned around, and walked straight out....he thought he had conquered the corn maze.  Works for me.
 My pretty girl.
 Little G is still happy.
 Muscle Man pulling our stash of punkins and mums.
 I couldn't stand it anymore....I had to get Little G out and take some pictures.  This is, in fact, his first fall.
 He was happy to oblige.
 Then I hear my mom yelling at me saying that Sissy is in the chicken coop. Photo shoot over....time to get Sissy out of the chicken coop.  Luckily she wasn't actually IN the chicken coop....she had just squeezed behind it.
 Back to our photo shoot.
 Wouldn't it be amazing if I could get a cute picture of all three kids in front of the fall decor smiling and looking at the camera .  Actually....what would be better is if I could get one kid eating dirt, one sticking his tongue out, and one screaming her head off.  Lucky for me....that's exactly what happened.  Picture perfect.
 At least I can get this guy to look at the camera and grin.
 So sweet.
 Standing like a big boy.
When we got home the kids wanted to play more outside....and so I quickly snapped one more picture of this little guy.  It was a wonderful day for the punkin patch.  Bring on fall... leaves changing, cooler weather, trick-or-treating, and campfires.  I feel blessed to live in a place that gets to experience all four seasons.

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