Friday, November 13, 2015

Pink Eye Epidemic

 This lil girl woke up one morning with a swollen and red eye.
 She woke up from her nap that day with lots of green puss coming from both eyes.  We went to the doctor and found out that there is a pink eye epidemic going on right now.  The doctor was seeing several cases of it daily.  The best part's HIGHLY contagious. (Note: sarcasm) The doctor gave us drops to put in Sissy G's eyes and he made sure to give us extra in case the rest of us got it too.
 The drops seemed to work pretty fast.  She was already looking and feeling better by the next day.
 Pretty girl on the swing.
 Handsome boy going high.
 Little cutie just chilling on the ground.
 We were very thankful that she was also better in time for family pictures that weekend.
 They turned out great.
 The photographer did a wonderful job.
 Such a cute family.
 I put together a pinterest project for Bubby G.  I put letters in a tree and also on the green stickers so that Bubby could match up the letters correctly.
 He got right to work.
 And did an awesome job.
 This was at homeschool group.  Bubby has a little friend that is just a few months older than him.  They are so cute playing together.
 Talk about a happy boy.
 But only a few hours later I started to notice green goop in the corners of his eyes.
 And the next morning he was seriously resembling Sissy from just a week ago.
 It completely broke my heart.
 Low and behold the next morning this big boy had it too.
 Good thing the doctor gave us extra drops.  And in case you were wondering....Mr. G and I also ended up with pinkeye just a few days later.  Why not make it a family affair?  The doctor wasn't kidding when he said that it was an epidemic.
 Unfortunately, our baby boy seemed to struggle the most getting over it.
 It didn't slow any of them down, though, from being goofy.
 The best was when the goop and swelling were all gone and we could get back to those big bright smiles.
And big bright eyes.

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