Friday, November 13, 2015

Trunk or Treat 2015

 Daddy and his Super Girl.
 Super Baby.  Happy Super Baby.
 And Super Boy with his cousin, Darth Vader.
 Super Girl enjoying a hotdog, some chips, but first a cupcake.
 My beautiful niece.
 Group photo of all the kids in their costumes.
 I decided to zoom in on these three.
 The older G's posing in their superman pose....But Little G looks to be losing his balance.
  Bubby G was getting a little animated with his poses.
 Showing off his Superman muscles.
 Last one.
 Little G enjoying his daddy.
 Love this boy.
 Time to line up and get candy.
 My other beautiful niece filling her bucket up.
 That wolf you see in the back is the reason why the majority of the night Sissy G was in somebody's arms too scared to get down.
 Bubby G picking out his candy.
 We finished the night with daddy teaching Bubby G how to fly.  Talk about a fun night with good people, good costumes, and good food....Plus the amount of candy we came home with was amazing.
Except I will never understand why the small candy bars are considered the "fun size."  In my opinion super size means fun size.  Just saying.....

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