Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Preschool Fall Party

 I was blessed with the opportunity to be a part of Bubby G's fall party at school.  I was in charge of a craft and story time.  Sissy G hung out with Nana while me and the boys loaded up for school.  Little G loved sitting on the floor and watching all the kids play.
 Bubby G was pretty proud of his lil brother and stuck pretty close to him at first.
 Bubby telling all his classmates who we are and why we were there for the day.
 Little G making himself at home.
 The beginning of the day the kids get to play.....
 And the teachers will one by one pull out the kids to do a quick educational activity.  Here Bubby G is counting pumpkins.
 And here he is matching up lower case letters with capital letters.  He flew through each activity.  It was so much fun getting to stand back and watch him go through his school routine.  I also learned a lot and got a lot of ideas for when we start homeschooling next year.
 It was funny seeing how the boys all had a tendency to congregate together.
 Little G ended up playing with the girls.
  Circle time.  This was one of the favorite things to watch.  The kids sang songs and yelled out memory verses.  It brought tears to my eyes as the kids shouted out words of praise to God.
 The teachers aide had a good time hanging with Little G while the kids sang.
 I read the kids a book about pumpkins and then they got to put pumpkin stickers into a wagon.  They seemed to enjoy the craft.
 The girls table showing off their wagons.
 Bubby's table.
 This was calendar time.  I got the chance to hear Bubby say the pledge to the flag and to the Bible.  He even sang the national anthem.  He also went through the days of the week and the months of year.  They talked about the date and the weather.
 Standing to do the pledge.
 Then it was time for cupcakes in honor of our Fall Party.
What I took away from this time was that these kids know how to clean up after themselves.  The teacher has taught them to put their plate away and to grab a baby wipe and clean up their area.  They do this without even being asked.  So.....at home I now know that Bubby can clean up after himself after eating.  I'm a pretty excited mom......Bubby was not near as excited as I was about this new knowledge.
 Lining up to go to recess.
 What a fun fall activity.  There are plastic leaves in the center and the kids have fun throwing the leaves up into the air and watching them fall.
 And they had just as much fun running around and picking them up.
 Little G watched in amazement.
 Musical chairs.
 He was such a good baby during the whole morning.
We finished the fall party by watching a movie that we brought called Room On The Broom.  A fun little cartoon that shows a giving and caring witch.
It was a wonderful day to get to spend with my little man watching him at school.  I'm very thankful he gets this amazing experience at an awesome preschool where he not only is getting an education but also learning about God.

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