Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Enjoying the Fall Season

 Our house is surrounded by big beautiful old trees that turned amazing colors this fall.  This is the view out my kitchen window, just above our sink.  It was a beautiful site.
 My little helper getting into our lids.  A perfect toy for this lil man.
 Little G doesn't get the chance to swing outside like the other two got to when they were his age.  It's the difference between being born in June and being born in February....plus being the third child might have something to do with it.  I remember pushing Bubby G for hours in this exact swing....and Sissy G, too.  It looks like Little G is gonna love swinging just like his brother and sister.
 Little G checking out the fall leaves.
 Sissy wearing a fire fighter's hat that Bubby got while going on his first school field trip to a local fire department.
 We decided to do a quick science experiment by putting a raw egg in a glass of vinegar.
 Bubby pouring the white vinegar over the egg.
 Little G was eating during the experiment....and very happy about it.
 Sissy G checking in on the egg.  It took a couple days but when we checked on the egg again it was no longer hard and somewhat see through.  But while we were trying to see through it, it busted all over.  Fun science experiment.
 Dressing for the fall season.
 Playing in the leaves.
 Picking up pecans from our own pecan tree.
 Painting time.
 He made a smiley face on his plate made out of pecans.
 Yep......that's my husband.  Ready for his day at work.
 I tried to get a group photo of the kids with the fall leaves.
 It didn't go well.
 Poor Little G.
 Try again.
 Sissy took off.
 Bubby started crying because he wanted to swing.
 And then there was one.
 At least he would sit and smile for me.
 The kids won and we headed over to our tree swing.
 Our little jumping machine.
 We went and visited Mr. G's grandma in the nursing home on Halloween.
 Sissy wanted to show her Hulk face.
 This was Little G's first time meeting his great grandma.
 And as usual....he blessed her with a great big smile.
 After nap time, Sissy brought me into her room and pointed to her baby....."Baby Hulk," she said.  I think my daughter is a little bit Hulk obsessed.
 I made an alphabet parking lot and did a bag of cars with the lower case letters on them so the kids could match the capital letters with the lower case letters.
 The letter "b."
 Trying to figure out where it goes.
 She got it!!!!!
A proud lil girl.

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