Thursday, December 3, 2015

Veteran's Day Service

 On November 17, Little G started crawling!!!!  But this post was from the time just before he started crawling.
 He went weeks of trying to get in the right position.
 He had his ways of getting around but just wouldn't go ahead and take off crawling.  It was exciting to watch him learning and growing.
 This basketball season I've been helping out a local high school girl's team.  The kids will often go with me to practices and games and have been having a blast.
 Playing on the stage at the school.
 Sissy for 2.
 Last month Bubby had a special service at school for Veteran's Day.  Mr. G took of work and we all went to the school early to see Bubby in the program.  He was dressed in his red, white, and blue.
 We obviously got there a little too in we were the only ones there for quite a while.  But Sissy didn't mind.
 Little G having fun with daddy.
We were excited that Mozzie and Papa J got to come too....especially since Papa J is a veteran and we would be able to honor him for his service.
 Flying high.
 It's about time for the show to begin.
 Bubby is in the middle on the bottom row.
 You can tell in this picture that he spotted me and gave me a big grin.
 Saying the pledge of allegiance.
His class also sang the National Anthem.
 Sissy was keeping a close eye on her brother.
Papa J standing when they honored the men who served in the U.S. Army.  Proud to be his granddaughter and to be there to see him honored.

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