Sunday, December 13, 2015

Santa Claus 2015

 It is Little G's first Christmas and since he is now a crawling machine....the Christmas tree is fair game.  It appears that Marley is standing guard.
 Checking up the chimney.  Maybe he's overheard us talking about that Santa fellow and how he likes chimney's.
 Yes....I dressed him up in a Santa outfit and tried taking pictures in front of our tree.  Mr. G said he looked like a big red rash.....not exactly what I was hoping to hear.
 I thought he looked cute.
 He is always full of facial expressions that put a smile on your face.
 And almost always...he's a happy, joyful, little boy.
 On this particular day, we had a sick lil girl with us.  Double ear infections are no fun.
 Little G did all he could to help her feel better.
 Warning for a Little G picture overload.
 I could snap a zillion pictures and not one would be the same.
 "Pick me, Pick me."
 Very animated fellow.
 Not sure what was up with his hand raising but it was cute.
 More smiles....
 A smile....with a hint of a cry mixed in there.  I think he was starting to get hungry.
 I fed him.....he's happy again.
 I pulled up one of our big boxes from downstairs and Bubby had a blast decorating the inside and outside.
 Sissy trying to keep Little G from getting to the tree.
 Bath time giggles.
 A picture of the kiddos before heading to see Santa at the mall.
 This dude was the most excited of everyone.  He wrote Santa a list and couldn't wait to tell him what he wanted for Christmas.
 Sissy G ran right up to his lap and sat down.
 Little G even enjoyed sitting on his lap.
 But as you can tell.....there was no Bubby G.  He was TERRIFIED of Santa and wasn't going to go anywhere near him.
 It was a cute picture of these two.
 They couldn't of done any better.
 But I sure wish this little dude would've been able to get in the picture too.  We didn't push it because it's not a big deal.
 Carrying on a conversation with Santa.
 Big hug and a kiss for Santa.
 Pulling on Santa's beard to make sure it is real.
 The photographer talked to Bubby G and tried to convince him to get in the picture.
 Bubby showed Santa his Snoopy shirt....from a distance, of course.
 Santa read Bubby's letter that he gave him.
 And that made Bubby very happy.
 A quick ride on a horse....then we headed home.
 This is the final product.
My kiddos enjoy dressing themselves and it's fun to see their personality come out in the clothes they choose.
 Practicing our tumbling.
 And the piano.
In case you guys ever wonder what my days are like.....this pretty much sums it up.  Sissy is getting food out of the fridge.  And Bubby is using a broom to try and get the gingerbread house kit down from on top of the fridge.  It's always an adventure and I love every minute.

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