Monday, December 21, 2015

Christmas Parties, Plays, & Pickles

 Actually....just one pickle.... Apparently, Little G is a pickle lover.  Nothing like cruising in your walker enjoying a good dill pickle.
 Bubby G working on Christmas presents that he is wanting to share with kids in the hospital.  He said he is wanting to make the kids smile.
 Conked out from all his hard work.
 That whole week we battled what we thought was an eye infection for Sissy G.  Poor girl had to spend most of the week at home because we thought she was highly contagious.  Turns out she was having an allergic reaction to something and is going to need allergy drops in her eyes possibly year round until we can figure out what she is allergic to.
 We went to see my nieces and nephew's Christmas play and Bubby G got to go up on stage and sing a few songs with them too.
 Little G listening to his uncle preaching.
 Poor girl.
 Wearing her sunglasses while we go out and run errands.
 Happy boy in his reindeer shirt.  Love his big bright smile.
 The kids made a train using our dining room table chairs.
 Painting Christmas cards for the kids in the hospital.
 Sissy G helped too.
 Big boy with a big heart for others.
 Still battling allergies.  Ready for those allergy drops to start working.
 What????  Did I sit on something??
 Goofy boy using his tie as a tail.
 She looks all grown up sitting there drawing.
 Waiting for Bubby's school Christmas play to start.
 Dressed up for the big occasion.
 Waving our direction.
 Sissy, Nana, and Boppy enjoying the show.  Mozzie and Papa Jim surprised us and showed up too.  The school did an amazing job with the program and it was a lot of fun to watch.
 But my favorite part was watching this guy perform.
 Proud of this sharp dressed boy.
 Christmas time is fun but can leave you exhausted.
 We invited a couple families over for a Polar express party.  We had Christmas food and did Christmas crafts and got all snuggled up in the living room to watch the Polar Express.
 It was a fun night.
 We even enjoyed some hot chocolate.
 This was Little G's reaction after I gave him a big ole kiss on the cheek.
 Sissy talking up a storm during the movie.
 Dressed in her jammies and showing me her beautiful smile.
 The kids building a tower together.
 Getting a little help to reach the top.
 That's another way to do it.
 Yea....they completed the tower which means.....
 It's time to punch it down.
 I got some bubble wrap from the dollar store and let the kids play with it.
 They enjoyed jumping on it and doing summersaults and whatever they could think of to make them pop.
 Hop, hop....pop, pop.
 Sissy and Bubby working on a Christmas present for Mozzie and Papa Jim.
 My dad's side of the family's Christmas get-together.  This is the only time of the year that we are all able to get together and it's always a good time.
 And their is always good food.
 Little G turned 10 months old on that day and was all smiles.
 Bubby and Daddy sharing some secrets during the dinner.
 Sharing some dessert with Gampa.
 Checking out my uncle.
 Mr. G being goofy as always.
 Getting some sugar from my cousin.
 Talk about a popular lil sitting with my aunt.
 The Sunday before Christmas, Little G is dressed in his Christmas best.
 Sissy and her Sunday school teacher.
 Enjoying the pizza party before our last play practice.
 Ummm....who gave this two year old a microphone??
 Handsome dude.
 She looks like a pro the way she is holding the mic.
 Reaching the high notes.
 Big smiles.
 We went home and had a nap between practice and the play.  As usual, Little G woke up smiling.
 Group photo of the kids in their Christmas outfits.
 Looking sharp in his tie.
 You ask her to pose for a picture and this is what you get.
 She looked so pretty.
 Bubby getting a picture next to Snoopy's dog house.
 Waiting for the play to begin.  Just chilling with daddy.
 I love when he smiles at me.  It melts my heart.
 Handsome little man.
 It was pretty stinkin' adorable watching the kids in their presents.
 Bubby is about three rows back in his present.  The kids looked so cute and did a great job.
 Singing more songs.
 Looking precious.
I was so proud of Bubby and speech.  He sounds like a little preacher the way he spoke with poise and clarity.
 Watching the adults perform the Charlie Brown portion of the play.
 Bubby watched closely.
 I couldn't be more proud of Bubby and Sissy for how well they did.  I love being a parent to these three precious kiddos.

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