Thursday, November 11, 2010

Little House on the Prairie

Is anybody else a huge "Little House on the Prairie" fan like me? I have always enjoyed watching and reading all about Laura Ingalls Wilder and my interest in the show has grown with age. I love the simple life style and the strong family bonds. Everybody has a faith in God to some degree and they all work together. It is like a little piece of heaven. Well, Mr. G and I were blessed to have a chance to visit the real little house on the prairie and all the buildings that Laura lived near. My brother who just moved to Kansas was our tour guide. The bad part was we went on a Sunday so all the buildings were closed but we still enjoyed what we saw.

This is Sunny Side School house and what was used for the church building on Sundays. Unfortunately, the front door was locked so we were unable to see inside.
But my crafty husband found that the back door was unlocked so we slipped inside and took a few pictures. I know what your thinking......first you go to church in the morning and then commit a crime in the afternoon. I admit we are hypocrites but I am glad we did it. The school room was absolutely amazing.

This was the post office. We couldn't find any unlocked doors to it, so we just took a quick picture and moved on. One thing that was really neat about the area was the open plains. There was one hill off in the distance but other than that it was pretty flat. And my brother reminded me that we are seeing the exact same landscape that Laura saw growing up. How neat is that?

Now, I am not for sure if this is the real wagon that Charles Ingalls rode on, but it was similar. I can't imagine the aches and pains you would get from riding on one of these for a couple hours. But, it was fun to look at.

I found it important to take a picture of the outhouse. What you can't see in this picture is the brand new bathrooms in the brick building right next to it.

This well is very special because it is the actual well that Charles Ingalls built and almost died while building when Laura was a lil girl. It talks about this well in one of her books.

This was a house but I don't know what it was from or who lived there. I am thinking it is the house for the people who own the land now and work it.

This was where Laura Ingalls lived. This was the house that Charles Ingalls built for his family. I would've loved to seen inside.

And here is the person that caused the whole trip, my brother. This was Sunday morning after he finished preaching. We chose to go visit him this particular weekend so we could hear him preach and he did a great job. There was actually a line waiting to talk to him after he spoke, but I got a picture of the last couple. Unfortunately, the picture was blurry.


Khadija said...

I'm glad you guys had a wonderful time and that you had a safe trip. I'm a little disappointed to hear that you guys have been breaking and entering. :)
God Bless You and Thanks for everything!!

Jay said...

I'm glad you got to see the inside of the schoolhouse. Nothing like a little sin to make you appreciate being mostly good.

Cate7451 said...

Visiting this site sounds like fun. I'd like to go there sometime. Time for a documentary on her life sometime! I think that her family were basically loving people and that has meant a lot to people. Also the books give a first hand look at pioneer life. What would have happened to the ingals if her father hadn't had a friend step in to help him get the land, the poor woman who attacked her in the night when Laura was a young teacher, or the time that pioneers took a dead papoose out of a tree and sent it to a museum and the natives protested. Look up the Louisianna purchase and see how the natives were robbed of there lands. These books are valuable on many levels; Christian life, pioneer life, children's story, racism and are therefore quite valuable.