Sunday, November 14, 2010

Youth Soccer

These pictures were taken back during the end of summer when youth soccer was still going on for the YMCA. Now I must say that there were a lot of really cute kids and they were fun to watch, but there was one person who really stood out more than all the others. Doesn't my hubby look cute out there playing? He was the MVP of youth soccer!!! Actually he was the ref and the director of the whole soccer program, but he had just as much fun as those kids.
At this point he still doesn't notice that I am there watching him and so I can't get him to look my way. He is just too focused on his job, I guess that is why he is the best. But it sure would make me feel special if he would just throw a smile my direction.

One thing that is amazing about all these programs that Mr. G puts together for the YMCA is the turn out. There are so many kids that play and many families that come to watch. You always love the times when you see a kid stop during the game and turn toward the crowd and say, "Hi mom." Or when a team gets a goal because the goalie gets caught picking his nose. Or when you have a pile up and 10 kids go home crying from a scratched knee.
Of course the best would be if my husband would finally turn and notice that I am here. What ever happened to having that sixth sense when you are married that tells you to turn around and look at your spouse?
Oh well....I guess I see him enough at home.

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