Saturday, November 13, 2010

Cleaning the Gutters

I have a quick question for everyone. Nothing hard....I just want you to think back to what your husband looked like after he cleaned the gutters.
I remember my husband cleaning the gutters last year. I remember him climbing up on the roof with gloves on and taking all the gunk out of the gutters by hand and throwing it on the ground. I remember it was kind of messy but nothing terrible. But this time my husband asked to borrow something from our neighbors to clean our gutters. It made it so my husband didn't have to use a ladder or get on the roof. But it sure did cause a mess. He realized afterwards that he probably shouldn't of used the machine right after it rained, but he noticed our neighbor watching him so he felt like he should keep going despite the mud spraying falling all over him.
One amazing thing about this hubby of mine is he can still smile even when something doesn't quite go his way. He makes life so much fun.

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