Friday, September 30, 2011

Where's Marley

Where's Waldo Marley???
We have found that there are many times when we will take a picture and somehow Marley will make his way into the background.  See if you can find him in the following pictures.
Ok...this one was easy.

I didn't even notice Marley in this one until Mr. G said something after I had blogged about my cloth diapers.  
 He almost blends right in with the clothes.
He loves to sleep next to or near Baby G every chance he gets.
 Keeping a close eye on things.
 Gotchya on this one.....This is actually Mickey, but it sometimes hard to tell the two a part.
Tummy time is definitely more fun when you have a dog smelling your hair.

There's the sleeping buddies again.
We took this picture of our home to put in a book we made for Baby G and we just noticed that there is a lil black and white face looking back at us through the front door.  
Marley Charley, as we like to call him, is one funny dog and we love having him around....even if he finds his way into all our pictures.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Handmade By God

We have a talking bear at our house that my aunt got Baby G before he was born.  It is an adorable bear that says some really good things and reminds us that we are all handmade by God. .  It is kind of long but it is so sweet that the first time I heard it I almost cried....I think my mother in law did cry.  Well, I introduced the bear to Baby G yesterday and I got a video of it.  Baby G goes from being happy to sad to happy again and he adds a lot of drool in between.  Enjoy!!!

Handmade By God Video

Monday, September 26, 2011


It took me a while to figure out what people meant when they put the letters DH on blogs but I finally figured out that it meant "Darling Husband."  I particularly like to think that I have the best darling husband of them all.  A couple nights ago while Baby G was asleep in my arms Mr. G (aka....DH) and I decided to play a game.  I'm sure most of you have played 'Hangman.'  Well, when I was younger my folks bought me 'Hangman' the game and I was so excited to play with Mr. G.  However, I have good news and I have bad news. The bad news is.....I LOST.  The good news is....MR. G CHEATED!!!.....But he cheated in the sweetest way possible.  Take a look for yourself.
 The cheating part is that "I love you" is not a word....but three words....but the sweetest three words he could ever say to me.
But I think he was a little bit embarrassed that I was taking his picture.
And just so you know....I won the second game fair and square!!!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Sleepy Head

Baby G had a good nights sleep last night only getting up once between 9 and 7 to eat but apparently it just wasn't enough. 

 Just an hour after waking up this is how I find Baby G.  He had been watching "Life At The Pond", one of his favorite DVDs when he just couldn't keep his eyes open any longer.
 Bless his heart....even a camera in his face doesn't wake him up.  He must be REALLY tired.
 He must've fallen asleep while he was chewing his gums on the padding of his jumper.
 A few minutes later he made himself a little bit more comfortable.
I'm sorry, but I've got to say it again......BLESS HIS HEART!!!!

Football Fanatic

Well...Baby G might not be a football fanatic yet, but he did attend his first football game last night.  However, he was probably the only person there that DIDN'T like it when someone scored a touchdown.  All the noise was very upsetting to him.  Let me rewind a bit to before the game where we all gathered at my parents house to have a quick dinner.

Nana had just bought a Christian Kids DVD that the kids loved watching while they played in the living room.
 This is one of my nephews who seems to constantly have a smile on his face....looks like he might have a little leftover spaghetti sauce on his face too, but he doesn't mind.
 This is my oldest niece who is in first grade and growing like a weed.  She has such a sweet spirit and sweet heart.
 And this is the middle child in that group, my second niece who also has a sweet spirit.  In fact, for Halloween she wants to be a Christian or an angel.
 We were able to get the four cousins together for a group photo and amazingly enough they were all looking and smiling (Baby G's is more of a smirk....but that was good considering he wanted to be watching the TV at this time.)
 These two lil girls LOVE their cousin and LOVE showing it......even though Baby G wants to keep his eyes on the TV.
 After picking Mr. G up at work we headed to the football game.  We went through a big rainstorm on the way but once we got there it was beautiful.  The sky was gorgeous, the temperature was perfect, and the kids had a little hill they loved to play on right in front of us.
 Baby G had his touchdown shirt on cheering for his second cousin.  It is my cousin's senior year and I am pretty sure he plays just about every position including quarterback and kicker so it was a fun game to watch.
For the most part Baby G was pretty laid back just enjoying all the chaos going on around him.
 But when the crowd would go nuts cheering Baby G's eyes would get real big and he would start wailing his arms and legs like he was trying to fight people off.
 But put him back in his daddy's arms and he was calmed down again.
 Eventually he started getting sleeping and wanted to try and catch some Zzzz's....but it was just not the environment for that.  At least he could enjoy a good thumb sucking while he laid there.
 Someday Baby G and his cousin will be out rolling down the hill and playing like all the other kids, but this year they preferred to watch more than anything.  This lil guy was perfectly content sitting on his Nana's lap eating his animal cookies.
 Baby G has such a good daddy....Mr. G went down and got Baby G a football from the cheerleaders even though Baby G doesn't have a clue what it is......he can at least stare at the pretty colors.
Before the night was over we were able to get all the cousins (plus a extra redhead) together on the hill for a quick picture.  I am positive all these kids slept good last night because I was worn out just watching them going up and down the hill.  If you are looking for Baby G in this picture you won't find him.....he's finally asleep in his Mama's arms so he'll have to catch the next picture next time.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Children's Book

Have you ever had a moment in your life when you feel like God is talking directly to you?  It has happened to me on more than one occasion and I have learned that when it does happen to write it down.  One time it happened on a Sunday when I was in the shower and God gave me an idea for a children's book.  As soon as I got out of the shower I started writing.  Now I know that there is not much chance of this ever getting turned into an actual book.  I looked into it once and was amazed at how much it would cost, but I thought I would share it with you just for kicks.

You See Me, I See You

"I know that you can see me, God,
But why can't I see you?
It's so much easier for you up there
Because you can see all I do.
I am trying to believe in you
Because mommy says I should.
But I have to be able to see you, God,
Before I ever could."

"I am all around you," God replied,

"In everything you see.

In all the wonders of the world
You can always find me.
Take a glance outside a bit
And you'll be surprised what you find.
For in every single earthly thing
You'll find me inside.
Watch closely as the robin
Feeds her hungry children in the nest,

Or how the sun rises in the east
And always sets in the west.

Can you hear the sound of water

as it falls from the dark sky?
Or see the wonderful colors
From the rainbow way up high?
Have you ever noticed how the leaves
Change color every fall?
Or watched the clouds change shape

Like it's no trouble at all?

The sound of crickets every night
As you lay down to bed,
And the rooster crow in the morning
As you lift your sleepy head.
Have you ever built a snowman
From the snow I sent to you?
Or had a tree house made from

The oak tree I once grew?

Then when the flowers bloom
At the beginning of spring

Have you ever noticed

All the smiles that they bring?
And when you fall and skin your knee
Your mom comes and hugs you tight.
That's why I made her your mom
Because she makes sure you're alright.
So when you need proof that I exist
Just look all around you and see
That not a day will pass by
Where you won't see me."
"It finally all makes sense, God,
And I am so happy to say it's true.
That everyday I can know
 That you see me, and I see you."

I used images from Google in case anyone is wondering. 

Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Poo Heard Around The World

Just before dinner last night we heard Baby G making some noise in his pants and we knew that it was going to be a big one.....which just didn't know it was going to be THIS big.  The funny part was that Baby G seemed to be so proud of himself when he was done.  We couldn't help but laugh.

 You can't really tell but there is a little wet spot on the front....probably from him pushing so hard to get the poo out that he peed through his diaper as well.

 And this is what we found on the back.  It stretched from mid-back to mid-calf.  Good thing I am nursing otherwise this would've stunk to high heaven....but as it was....we just laughed....especially Baby G.  Even though it wasn't supposed to be bath night it quickly became bath night.

But Baby G didn't mind one bit.

Once he was all cleaned up we were able to put him in his PJs and go on with our normal life...

As normal as we can get, anyway.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Spider & A Happy Boy

Baby G and I have had a wonderful morning.  First, Mr. G was able to hang around home an extra hour this morning so it was really nice spending that time together.  Unfortunately, Baby G didn't wake up till he left and we were both still pretty tired this morning so our conversation wasn't anything too exciting....but at least we were together.  I then a got a big surprise when I took Marley out to go to the bathroom in our back yard.

Do you see what I see?  Let me give you a closer look.

How about now?...No?...Ok...I will give you one more shot.

I know you see it now and I bet you are thinking how brave I am for getting so close to this beast.  Well, I'll be honest....I am thankful the camera has a zoom button because I was not about to get any closer than I had to.  It didn't take us long to go back inside.  But once we did Baby G and I had a blast playing in his jumper. Well, technically he played in his jumper and I watched.  He wasn't too keen on the idea at first.  He seemed to give me a look like....

...Where am I and why is there a camera in my face?
But he quickly perked up and started enjoying himself.

And with his smiles came lots of talking and giggling.  I think if I could put music to this picture it would be the song, "Oh Happy Day."

 "Look at me, Mom.  I'm a big boy!!!"

 I must admit that I love spending every moment with this smiling face.  Mr. G and I are so blessed to have this lil man.  Let me send you off with a proper video of Baby G in his jumper talking with his Mama about his night.  I must warn you he is a little bit bashful but he eventually gets out what he is trying to say.

Morning Talk With Mama